Campaign for the Promotion of Family Planning and the Fight Against STDs/HIV/AIDS

In DRC, AIDS affects a large portion of the population at a rate of 5%. With an average of 173,000 new cases each year, this number will probably continue to grow. Several aggravating factors, such as the war and mass displacement, have likely contributed to the spread of HIV and other STDs. Hospitals are currently overrun with HIV patients. At the Kisangani hospital, 68% of its patients are expected to die of AIDS, compared to 75% at the hospital in Kikwit. A recent study of seemingly healthy families who donated blood revealed that over a third of the people were already infected. UNAIDS estimates that at least 90% of those infected are unaware of their condition. 

In Kinshasa especially, social, political, educational and cultural crises have destroyed the socio-educational and health infrastructures. In addition, they have opened the door for risky practices like prostitution, clandestine abortions and children dumped on the streets. 

For these reasons Alternatives has chosen to support CODIAF, a Congolese NGO for helping women, in a campaign to improve family planning and to help in the fight against STDs/HIV/AIDS for young people and adults in poor neighbourhoods of Kinshasa.

 The campaign aims specifically to:

  • Spread awareness among target populations on the importance of reproductive health
  • Hold sessions on family planning, the dangers of clandestine abortions and of STDs/HIV/AIDS, the risks of teenage pregnancy and motherhood, and maternal and infant mortality
  • Instruct youth, adolescents and others on better social integration
  • Educate target populations about the dangers of irresponsible sexual activity
  • Train marriage and family counselors
  • Train campaign leaders
  • Spread and strengthen awareness among parents and teachers about child care
  • Strengthen the culture of family life and emotions between couples, children and members of immediate and extended families

The pilot phase of the campaign will reach two peripheral and populous districts of Kinshasa (Mombele and Kingabwa) in the commune of Limete, where 5,000 young people will train directly with members of CODIAF. With help from the media, the campaign hopes to reach at least 50,000 people. Contingent upon the results of this first phase, Alternatives hopes to expand the program to other districts of Kinshasa, and possibly the entire province.

Contact Person & Details: 
Congo (Kinshasa)