Canada: Building Bridges: The abuse of older people from ethnic communities and the role of various stakeholders

In collaboration with:

  • Centre Communautaire des Femmes sud-asiatiques;
  • Centre d’Action Communautaire de Montréal;
  • Centre d’étude Arabe pour le Développement;
  • Centre d’Orientation Paralégale et Sociale pour Immigrants;
  • Chinese Family Services Centre;
  • Centre Council on Black Aging Community.

Context :

This project involves the collaboration of six ethnocultural community organizations and a cross-sectoral advisory committee. This collaboration aims primarily to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to increase the sensitivity of ethnocultural speaker (s) of the public network, in the context of prevention and treatment of elder abuse. Based on the work of a previous project, the project goes further to address the concerns raised about access to public services and facilities (such as CLSCs, police and health care in hospitals.

Objectives :

The main objective of this project is to increase the sensitivity of ethnocultural Public service providers in regard to the identification, prevention and treatment of abuse of older people. This project aims, among other things, the production of a guide to various resources, services and support networks that will enable relevant cultural communities to work with the speaker (s) of the formal network in situations of elderly abuse. The guide may also be used by communities interested in developing their own resources to break the silence surrounding abuse of the elderly. Tools will be developed to assess all components of the project and particularly to identify the level of police and health service organizations and social services cultural sensitivity.

The project aims to identify informal sources of support that address the mistreatment of older people in cultural communities. More, the project will provide stakeholders with formal public network knowledge and skills necessary to optimize interventions in situations of abuse of older people.


  • Information gathering by questionnaires
  • Production of a resource guide
  • An awareness workshop C.H.U.M. January 13, 2000, from 9AM to 4PM

Project within the framework of Health Canada-Health Fund of the Montreal population.

1999 - 2000