Canada, Faced with the Globalization of Markets, Globalize Solidarity


In recent months, the issue of economic globalization has become one of the biggest challenges present in all sectors of society. First through the campaign on APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) coordinated by the People's Forum on APEC, and finally as part of the Campaign against the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) conducted by the Quebec Coalition against the MAI: the need for further issues of globalization and develop viable alternatives has become a priority for most popular organization, trade union and international solidarity.



  • Educate the people of Quebec to the globalization of economies, the liberalization of trade, privatization, deregulation, etc..;
  • Encourage involvement and participation of several sectors of society to campaign against the MAI, a reflection and courses of action on economic integration and different platforms to counter the negative effects of neoliberal economic policies;
  • Link different sectors of the Quebec civil society (churches, unions, grassroots groups and academics) in the same campaign against economic globalization and, to some extent, to bridge the gap between the organization and the rest of Canada.


Component 1: Organize round tables and conferences on the impact of economic globalization on our societies

  • Co-organizing a public lecture with Susan George in October on the consequences of the MAI (350 participants);
  • Co-organizer of "The May Inquiry" with Maude Chossudowsky, Warren Allmand, etc.. the implications of the MAI, in October 1998 at McGill University (450 participants);
  • Two public lectures with Michel Chossudowky, professor of political economy, on the globalization of poverty in Montreal in November 1998 (150 participants) in February 1999 in Quebec City (350 participants);
  • Several preparatory meetings and a workshop on "Economic Alternatives" with various intervening are the middle-academic, and popular students as part of the Agora Youth (April 1999) to Montreal (160 participants);
  • Forum on economic integration with youth 18-35 years, with Michel Chartrand, Walter and Eric Cantin Zelaya (April 1999) to Quebec (100 participant-es;
  • A series of meetings on economic integration with representatives of sixteen popular groups, labor and international solidarity (September 1998-April 1999).

Component 2: Publish and disseminate information on the globalization of economies, including a training manual

  • Article on Mai See Susan George in Montreal (September 1998), 100, 000;
  • Article about the Ami Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke Hour (October 1998), 60,000 copies;
  • Interview with Michel Chossudowky on globalization of poverty in Montreal-View, 100, 000; Interview with Michel Chossudowky on globalization of poverty in See-Quebec, 60 000 copies;
  • Design and production of training manual "The globalization of what, how and for whom? "
1998 - 1999