Civil Society Web Portal: in the Maghreb/Mashrek:

In collaboration with Alternatives International (Morocco) and other members of Alternatives International, Alternatives is supporting the establishment of the Web Portal “” to contribute to the increasing participation of social movements in the Maghreb/Mashreq region, offering citizens ideas and alternatives on a number of political phenomena.
The trilingual portal has been online since the Moroccan Social Forum in Bouznika, in January 2008. The project contributes in three important ways: it is a public interface to rapidly spread content to its organizing members, a virtual space to discuss common themes with countries of the region and an inclusive and horizontal (non-hierarchical) government model that permits a large and diverse community to work together for the success of the project.
The project allows the participating organizations to express their contributions and positions on diverse issues related to development, human rights, governance, economy, women's issues, youth, etc. The autonomous and automatic system of publication developed by Alternatives has already demonstrated its potential. It provides instantaneous publication of all pertinent information and eliminates the necessity for organizations to require high levels of computer performance.

In 2011, Alternatives started a new phase of the project in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. This phase allowed us to focus on women's rights and women's organizations participation within the project.




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Michel Lambert