Cuba and Haiti: Alternative Energy

This project is aimed to contribute to the environmental protection and improvement of the quality of life for small-scale farmers in Cuba and Haiti. The main outcome is hoped to be the launching of a Centre of Promotion and Development of Biogas that will serve to promote, train, circulate knowledge and transfer technology for the use of biogas in Cuba and Haiti.

The results anticipated throughout the duration of this project are numerous. Primarily, the installation of 150 bio-digesters in Cuba and 3 others in Haiti that allow an average annual production of 2555 m3 of biogas and 6 tons of organic fertilizer. Moreover, the project wishes to provide the training of small-scale Cuban and Haitian farmers in basic technology to provide them the ability to deal with their agricultural waste through the use of biogas and organic fertilizer, as well as the improvement of the quality of life for 150 families in the central region of Cuba. This project will be closed by the development of a comparative study and publication of the results.

Partner : Porcine Research Institute (IPP-Cuba); ITECA (Haiti)

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; 514-982-6606 x2229
Cuba et Haïti