Cuba: Training Aid Project for Union Delegates

In 1997, Alternatives took part in the computer and audio related equipment supply of the Central Union Workers of Cuba (CUWC), in order to improve its union delegate’s education and training program.

After the International Conference of solidarity with Cuba was held in Montreal on March 15 and 16 1996, the CUWC had requested a support from its training program. The program, which is particularly elaborated, has different components, such as communication, trade-union leadership, labor law, women rights, economy etc…

More precisely, the objective was to equip an editing and video production room for the training services of the central. We wished to have the necessary technical resources for the production of high-quality training material and for the efficient circulation of the components' organization, like, for instance, the ones located in provinces.

*The CUWC represents more than 3 million workers and is composed with about 300 000 delegates of whom 54% are women.


1996 - 1997