India: Community Development


Alternatives works in India with Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS) in the field of education and literacy since the early 1980s. Literacy is not confined only to the learning of reading and writing. It is also providing an individual personal enrichment, dignity and a better quality of life. This is not about charity, but empowerment of the poor and excluded from their rights and responsibilities. In this sense, literacy allows real participation in the community and is sort of a mechanism of democracy.

A better quality of life requires the satisfaction of all basic needs such as education, health and living environment of children. Literacy campaigns of our partner, BGVS, has spread in a wide range of programs, including education and health care, the empowerment of women by themselves and other activities through micro-credit, and community organization and village. In this project, priority is given to the states of Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chhatisgarh. In the case of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh, this represents a major challenge because these states have no natural resources such as mining, forestry and agriculture, the population is very poor and often indigent. Population displacement, lack of access to social services where they exist are of poor quality and a very unsafe environment are rampant ills in these regions. Immediate action is required.

This is to intervene in the most marginalized sectors, where the human development index is very low such as education, health, security, gender and panchayats (local governance organizations) that do not work well.