Mozambique: Rescue Operations and Flood Affected Population


Updated records reveal that about 1 million people are directly affected by combined effects of floods and " Eline " cyclone in Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Manica, Sofala and Tete Provinces. More than 300 thousands people, out of this total number, are presently in emergency situation requiring an urgent humanitarian assistance. This group includes 50 thousands people who lost everything, including houses and other essential goods like-cattle and left with no food stocks.


  • Save and rescue operations should have to be redefined according to the evolution of water levels in Buzi and Save rivers and in the stretches of Chibuto/Maniquenique/Chowe;
  • Increasing the save and rescue operations in the regions of New Mambone, Jofane, Machangs and Buzi, relaying on support of two helicopters and one plane for reconnaissance.
  • Speeding up the arrival of reinforcement in air transport from Malawi to operate from Beira since 27 feb.


  • Pursing actions of search and rescue operations and dissemination of messages within the population for their withdrawal and/or to not return to aeras of risk while flooding danger still prevail in Limpopo river;
  • Reinforcement of assistance actions in food, medicines and other rescuing goods for Sofala, including tents and food (tinned food and rice);
  • Evaluation of damaged caused by " Eline " cyclone, affecting among others the Chitose Boarding school Centre in Machaze where there was a stoppage of lessons;
  • Meeting with donors, held on 27 feb. In which was decided the reinforcement with a member of the Council of Ministers and cadres from Ministry of Education to ING (the National Institute for Disasters Management), as it previously happened with other institutions and provinces.

Sanitary assistance:

  • Distribution of medicines and medical supervision in the affected areas using airlifts (Southern Districts of Gaza, Magude and Moamba Districts in Maputo Province and Inhambade) and using road transport in the accessible areas;
  • Vaccination against meningitis and measles in the accommodation centres in Maputo toen and province, action that will be extended to other affected areas.

Water supply:

  • Distribution of water in areas where water supplying systems have been destroyed using mobile tanks;
  • Putting chorine in water in areas where there are no potable water or where potable water is not available like in some affected areas in Gaza Province;
  • A project of latrines construction in the resettlement coordinating with the Project of Improved Latrines.

1999 - 2000