Niger: forum for young actors of democratic development in the French-speaking countries

in collaboration with Alternative Citizens’ Space (Niger), the Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens (AEC) and the Association culturelle d’auto-promotion éducative et sociale (ACAPES).


The Rencontres de Niamey, that took place over seven days, were an opportunity during which young actors of democratic development of 15 Francophonie’s countries gathered to discuss, exchange and debate on the situation of democracy life in their respective countries, as well as techniques and strategies used by their organizations to establish a culture of civic peace, democracy and respect for human rights.


The overall project objective is to promote the role of young Francophones as actors in key areas of citizenship education and peacebuilding in the countries of the Francophone world.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • provide opportunities for young francophone from countries concerned to exchange, discuss and conduct a prospective analysis of their contribution to the democratic life of their countries, particularly in education for citizenship and peacebuilding;
  • create a network for information exchange, advocacy and education activities for young people to maximize their contribution to the democratic life of their countries, in conflict prevention and peacebuilding and in citizenship education;
  • strengthen the bonds of solidarity between young Francophones from countries concerned as well as their ability to influence state policies both nationally and internationally.


Four types of activities were held during this week of meetings: presentations of plenary debates, training workshops, cultural activities (animation, documentary video sessions, musical evenings of hip hop, etc..) and media activities where participants interacted with the Niger mainstream medias of printed press, radio and television. Participants also exchanged in many informal meetings.

The plenary sessions and training workshops were divided into six major topics:

1. Globalization, citizenship and human rights: situation and prospects.

2. The social, economic and cultural rights to the test of neoliberal policies.

3. Crisis of education systems, resistances and student battles.

4. The youth in front of the challenges of democratic transition in francophone countries.

5. Young at heart of conflict: issues, strengths and initiatives.

6. Contemporary issues: economic integration, good governance and fight against poverty.

At the last session, devoted to the recapitulation of the work, the Déclaration de Niamey was endorsed by all participants.

Niger (Niamey)