Production of video "Ahlan, Bienvenue''

Context :

Several groups and individuals notice the growing number of immigrants from Arab countries and the need to work to educate the public and groups to the difficulties experienced by these people. CEAD was praised for his initiative for the establishment of an intervention tool audio-visual.


  • Continuity of the objectives of reconciliation between Arab immigrants and the new society for a more harmonious integration;
  • Develop a mutual dialogue to enrich the diverse society in which we live;
  • Participate in stopping stereotypes and prejudices developed against Arab communities in Quebec;
  • Develop ways to fight against discriminatory practices.


The launch event was a success with the participation of over 120 people. Attendees expressed interest to share this video with their arabophone customers and with others from different communities. So there is a great interest shown by institutions, community groups and networks of health, education and social services. Media representatives and local media covered the community launch event. Several key people of CEAD gave interviews.

Workshops were organized and conducted around the video. There were 11 workshops between April 12, 1995 and February 29, 1996.

1994 - 1995