Program to Support Employment Integration (PSEI)

In collaboration with Société québécoise de développement de la main d'oeuvre (SQDM) and Cégep de Saint-Laurent


On a professional level, our clients are highly educated, with many years of experience in the Arab world. This clientele is concentrated in scientific, professional and technical domains. Our clients experienced great frustration and disappointment, particularly because of the negative image of Arabs in the media. Our work in employability is completed by the work of intercultural education in the Arab world and Muslims. Our relationship with our customers is beyond the aid relationship in search of employment. CEAD is one of the only active Arab groups in Montreal who is not affiliated with religious or political groups.


  • Facilitate the transition and integration into employment of new immigrants;
  • Helping new immigrants to know the mechanisms, rules and workings of the labor market;
  • To enable new immigrants to enhance their employability and gain work experience;
  • Facilitate access and maximum use of resources, services and programs offered to all of Quebec's population in terms of job entry.


  • Training of staff

- Participation in meetings organized by the committee on the integration of the immigrant population in market work;

- Participation in meetings of the formation of Metropolitan Montreal;

- Participation in meetings: Wednesdays from the CEDC, organized by the CEDC-South Centre, Plateau Mont-Royal.

  • Working meetings with government institutions, parapublic, community, private businesses, participation in seminars and conferences

- Participation in the Board of CDEC Centre-South, Plateau-Royal;

- Participation in the Forum, customer service and cultural communities;

- Participation in meetings organized by the Directorate General of Correctional Services of Quebec, Ministry of Public Security;

- Participation in the roundtable: Volunteering as a means of integration for new Canadians, organized by the Volunteer Centre of Montreal;

- Participation in the seminar: Equal access to employment: Myths and Realities, organized by the Association of Haitian graduates and university graduates;

- Participation as a speaker at the First Annual Canadian Arab Women, organized by Canadian Arab Federation in Ottawa.

  • Information sessions: 14 sessions for 232 people in 1994-1995, 15 sessions for 372 people in 1995-1996, 10 sessions for 15 people in 1996-1997.

- Resume Writing Workshop;

- Dynamic job search and interview presentation;

- Scheme for Employment Income Security;

- Minimum employment standards

- The equivalences;

- Rights and remedies of claimants of unemployment insurance;

- Access Programs Equal: C.U.M.

  • Organization of training courses: 12 students in 1994-1995, 15 in 1995-1996.

- DOS;

- Autocad;

- Computer-aided design;

- North American Standards in technical drawing;

- Technical English;

- Drafting of technical report;

  • Placements and internships

- 28/32 referred clients were placed in 1994-1995, 15 in 1995-1996

- Five courses were offered an average of six months each in 1994-1995, three in 1995-1996.

  • Interviews with: 467 were offered in 1994-1995, 430 for permanent residents, 280 in 1995-1996.

  • Dissemination of information from the Arab community in 1995-1996: publication of the documentation available in the Arab community network and the Arab media (newspapers, television and radio), which affect 5,000 people.

1994 - 1997