Social Responsibility for Canadia-EU Trade Agreements (CETA)

Have you heard of CETA? No? Not surprising! Once again, federal and provincial leaders are negotiating a global agreement between Canada and the EU that will change the face of Canada forever. Harper wants this agreement passed before we, the public, have a chance to discuss it.

A Canada-European Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement signed with the EU could be benefic, were it a promise for an increase in employment opportunities, as well as in the quality of social services. But like all the other free-trade agreements, this is not the goal. As it is currently worded, CETA threatens Canadian public services, jobs, environment, food, culture, telecommunications, water, resources – and even our democratic rights!

Here’s a list of 10 reasons that will convince you that CETA is a bad thing with, entailing a negative impact for both Quebec and Canada. Indeed, CETA constitutes a threat for:

  • Canadian public services
  • Opportunities for social employment
  • Canadian water
  • Canadian health care system
  • Canadian environment
  • Canadian food sovereignty, as well as agricultural rights
  • The sovereignty of canadian culture and media
  • Native peoples’ rights
  • The quality of our jobs, and our right to work
  • Canadian democratic rights

 The Harper government wants to get the agreement passed as soon as possible. We have to act before it is too late!

 Get involved by:

  • Contacting your town councilors, provincial and federal deputies and make them aware of your dissatisfaction concerning the content and format of the agreement with the EU that is planned to be passed, and militate for the establishment of a national debate, which is needed.
  • Visit (network for just and equitable trade) in order to learn more about what farmers, artists, environmentalists, workers and citizens do in order to make the national population aware of the stakes, and what has already been initiated in order to prevent CETA from being passed.
  • If you are a member of an organization, make it sign the CETA civil society agreement and become a member of the network for equitable trade, .
  • Sign the online petition here.
  • See the website for the Council of Canadians on CETA here.


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