It's been already six months since Stephen Harper was elected with majority. Since then, people from all over have risen against his policies. Quite rightly! Destruction of the gun registry, non-observance of bilingualism in the public sector, torpedoing of international agreements on environment, increase in military funding… The list could go on and on!

Consequently, Alternatives launched the website www.speak-up.ca and invites you, Canadian citizens, to stand against the vision of the world that the Harper government is trying to impose us.

The idea is simple: a live petition, a place where each and everyone can address themselves directly to Stephen Harper, either by video, text or photograph.  This open and democratic platform belongs to you. It will then be sent to the Harper government and all the members of Parliament.

Whether to be indignant or to propose constructive alternatives, give your opinion and join us!  Circulate this exceptional petition to all your networks.

The more we will be to speak up and express our vision of our society to the Harper government, the better will be our chances to make things move positive in Ottawa .

Hey!  and Les Zapartistes and Paul Cargnello are spokespersons for the campaign!!