Sudan: Democracy


This project took place when the military dictatorship was increasing its repression, particularly against the people of South Sudan, in reaction to the rise of a democratic opposition that was quickly gathering strength. It was therefore necessary to take action against the arms trade that was enabling the dictatorship to persist, while refugees, displaced persons, women and children were in growing need of support.


We wanted to provide organizations concerned by the situation in Sudan with professional and regular information to spread awareness. We also wanted to use the media to inform the Canadian population about the happenings in Sudan. On the other hand, it also seemed important to raise a debate with policy makers to encourage humanitarian projects, and to maintain close ties with Sudanese partners.


The project took place over 3 years and included:

  • the production of a monthly newsletter on the situation in Sudan, distributed to over one hundred concerned Canadian citizens, working in NGOs, churches, human rights groups or for the government
  • a seminar on the situation in Sudan
  • participation in a conference organized by North American NGOs
  • participation in several roundtables with CIDA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • the organization of a field visit with local NGOs and the Sudan Council of Churches
1996 - 1998