Support the coalition "Pas de démocratie sans VOIX!"

Following the prorogation of parliament, the Afghan detainee scandal, the dubious dismissals of staff in government organizations, the scandal at Rights & Democracy, the attacks on the CBC, and of course the attacks against groups of citizens like Alternatives and many more – groups who dare to challenge the Conservative party’s ideological positions, the citizens of Quebec and Canada are becoming conscious that this minority government’s attitude is unacceptable for any respectable democracy.

A coalition in Quebec, entitled “Pas de démocratie sans VOIX!” has brought together an impressive number of social organizations, students, women, labour unions, artists, international solidarity groups, and social and human rights groups. These have all joined around a common Declaration that demands the Canadian government protect and defend rights and freedoms, particularly the freedom of espression, and respect public debate as the foundation of democratic life.

Alternatives supports the coalition “Pas de démocratie sans VOIX!” and encourages other organizations to do likewise. Visit the site of the coalition here:

If your organization would like to join Alternatives and more than 100 other Quebec-based organizations in endorsing the Declaration of the coalition Pas de démocratie sans VOIX !, send an email to the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations, AQOCI :

Let’s work together to ensure that our government acts responsibly, and that our democracy thrives and grows.

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