Take Back the Tech! 2010

 From November 25 to December 10, Take Back The Tech! calls on women and men to take control of technology to protect the right to freedom of expression and information. Since it began in 2006, campaigners in more than 30 countries have used the internet, mobile phones, radio and more to document and fight violence against women. Get creative! Explore technology! Defend women's rights! 


Women's rights under threat online and offline

Women's rights to expression and information are increasingly under threat. The UN estimates that 95% of aggressive behaviour, harassment, abusive language and degrading images in online spaces are aimed at women.

As more and more women go online using computers and mobile phones, many are silenced through acts of violence, sexism and censorship. The first object that is destroyed by a violent partners is often the women's cellphone.

It's critical that we are able to speak out and share our ideas to challenge attitudes and beliefs that sustain violence against women.


How you can take back the tech

  • Document abuse, contest discriminatory attitudes, share knowledge. The first step to ending violence against women is recognition.

  • Share your Take Back The Tech! campaign. Build the women's rights movement and share your campaign.

  • Join the global campaign. From 25 Nov to 10 Dec, Take Back The Tech! invites you to take one action per day to end violence against women.

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