Union Training in Honduras and Nicaragua

This project offers workers in Honduras and Nicaragua greater autonomy through the creation of dynamic participation. The objective is to create a training program in order to reinforce the governing capacity of union organizations in these countries. The project also aims to encourage union organizations to confront the challenges of regional integration in favor of women’s participation in the work force.

This project serves to heighten the influence of union organizations within decision-making bodies and to increase the number of unions and the number of women in union organizations. In addition, the project aims to improve organizational and administrative capacities of union leaders in order to increase the influence and representation of central unions for the defense of worker’s rights.

Partners : Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), Confederacion Unitario de Trabajadores de Honduras (CUTH ), Central Sandinista de Trabajadores (CST)

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; 514-982-6606 p.2294