Welcome Palestine

Given the failure of diplomacy, the apathy of the international community and Canada’s refusal to recognize the rights of the Palestinian population, it is our responsibility as citizens to act to put an end to the isolation and violence imposed on the Palestinians by Israel.

From April 15-21, more than 1,000 people from around the world will journey to Bethlehem to help build the International School of Palestine, to meet with Palestinian civil society organizations and to observe the checkpoints along the separation wall erected by Israel.

During their stay, participants will live with Palestinian families.

The mission aims to:

  • demand the freedom of movement throughout Palestine by challenging Israel’s occupation and total control of Palestinian territory
  • participate in the construction of an educational complex in Bethlehem to advance the right to education
  • experience the daily life of Palestinian families to learn more about their experiences, opinions and hopes
  • meet with Palestinian organizations to build relationships of solidarity


Be a part of the journey!


The Bienvenue en Palestine video on Vimeo. (French only)

Visit the website www.bienvenuepalestine.ca  to learn the details of the operation. (French only)

To contact the project coordinators in Montreal: info@bienvenuepalestine.ca

Contact Person & Details: 
Stéphan Corriveau, info@bienvenuepalestine.ca