Montréal: Agora populaire des Jeunes « Imagine…une société juste »

Friday, April 30, 1999 - 09:00 - Sunday, May 2, 1999 - 17:00

in collaboration with Regroupement de solidarité avec les Autochtones.

The Agora populaire des Jeunes, the culminant point of the Intercultural Youth Parliament, organized by Alternatives, was held in Montreal from April 30th May 2nd, 1999, at Park Lafontaine. It was an international gathering of young people against socio-economic, racial and ethnic exclusion, in the context of globalization and rise of fundamentalisms, affecting all parts of the world. Bringing together around ten international guests from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, it has allowed these youth to express and offer ideas and alternatives to remove the various forms of exclusion.

During this weekend, the participants were able to attend various cultural presentations and workshops on specific topics. Five major themes were selected for the occasion.

  • The economic alternatives: an exchange of ideas and experiences that challenge the dominant economic model, which encourages the exploitation and waste, and propose a redefinition of the macroeconomic rules and economic roles within the community.
  • Live on the margins: a diagnosis of the ills afflicting marginalized youths and reflection on their choices, their lifestyles and the resources available to them for help.
  • Ethnicity and expression of diversities: a common reflection organized around cultural diversity and its contribution to society and an exploration of possible solutions to counter racism and social exclusion.
  • The popular education: addressing the problems faced by education systems, including lack of resources and difficult access, this workshop aims to broaden the definition of education by developing alternative forms such as popular education or the education of the street.
  • Information and culture: a reflection on the standardization of culture in a globalizing world and the space left to the alternative medias.