Quebec (city of), Public lecture ''Justice and Human Rights in Guatemala''

Saturday, November 11, 2000 - 20:00 - 21:00


In 1982, General Efrain Rios Montt accomplishes a coup and set up a repressive regime to suppress the guerrillas. He does not hesitate to use the tactic of scorched earth, razing 440 villages. Especially, his regime is particularly unfair to the Mayans who are killed or thrown into the Pacific Ocean off a helicopter. 200 000 Aboriginal people have lost life and Mexico hosts some 40,000 refugees. The country falls into civil war. The military dictatorship of General Efrain Rios Montt is then reversed in 1983 by another military dictatorship, the one of Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores. In 1985, a democratic government is finally elected, but a new coup was attempted by Jorge Serrano, who fails and flees. General Efrain Rios Montt back in Guatemala and repeatedly seek to become a candidate to presidential elections. In 2003, the Supreme Court of Guatemala granted him the permission, because the ban on perpetrators of coups to be a candidate under the 1985 Constitution can not be applied retroactively. Nevertheless, he is beaten.

Rigoberta Menchu ​​is the basis of movement to trial the General Efrain Rios Montt for genocide, terrorism and torture.


Conference of Rigoberta Menchu​​, Nobel Prize of Peace winner and symbol of the peasants'resistance and indigenous American Wool. It will be discussed the fight against impunity of former dictatorships.

Location: Théâtre de la cité universitaire de l’Université Laval