World Social Forum Free Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 00:55 - Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 00:55

The World Social Forum (WSF) Free Palestine is a global public space and distinguished gathering for international civil society that aims to:

  • Highlight, strengthen and deepen the global movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people's rights.
  • Develop mechanisms for effective global action in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people to exercise its inalienable rights, foremost among them the right of return and self-determination, and to enforce international law and human rights.
  • Provide an open space for debate, dialogue, developing strategies and planning for effective and sustainable campaigns in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to hold the Israeli occupation accountable, illegitimate, and subject to sanctions.

The organization of the World Social Forum Free Palestine is an expression of the unity of international social movements – fighting against imperialism, neo-liberalism and racial discrimination in all its forms – in considering the just struggle for the Palestinian rights an integral part of the international struggle to develop political, social and economic alternatives that enhance justice, equality and sovereignty of the peoples on the basis of social-economic justice, human dignity and democracy.

After 65 years of the hegemonic powers' partition of Palestine and their complicity in the systematic ethnic cleansing that the Palestinians were subjected to since November 1947, Brazil hosts this year a new kind of global forums aimed at strengthening the peoples’ struggle for rights and justice where most governments have failed to protect either.

The world social forum meets in Brazil in light of stormy changes in the Arab region, in what has become known as “the Arab Spring,” where people struggle for social justice, democracy and freedoms. In this context, the forces of Western hegemony, especially the United States, have striven to abort or contain the Arab popular revolutions in order to keep the area under their domination. This intervention, which sometimes takes a military form, poses serious challenges to the Arab revolutions in their quest to maintain their emancipatory and democratic identity and path towards achieving their declared goals. It is certain that the fall of the dictatorial regimes, which were the hotbeds of Arab complicity with the US-Israeli agenda, has had a major impact on undermining Israel’s impunity and in reviving the centrality of the Palestinian cause in the Arab world, thus promoting the cause globally, given the strategic importance of the Arab region.

In light of these changes and the positions and issues adopted by the First National Meeting of Solidarity with the Palestinian people in Brazil, the Palestinian National Committee of the WSF calls on all organizations, movements and networks to join this historic forum as an expression of solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people and with our struggle to develop mechanisms to hold Israel accountable for its crimes and violations of international law.

Feroz Mehdi is the Secretary General of Alternatives International and Coordinator of the International Coordination Committee in support of the Forum.  Contact him!

Here's a link to the offical website of the World Social Forum Free Palestine.