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HistoryDaniel Lopez Lazo is a known militant. Although his legacy hardware is composed of a few books, his spiritual heritage consists of the militant group of people to build the library that bears his name. Born of the murderous military dictatorship, its ideals have been at the center of this... >>>
A People's Rights for Culture and Media is a new NGO that collaborates with the Al-Nass radio station in Baghdad in order to develop new platforms to educate citizens and encourage freedom of expression by means of the radio.  >>>
ACJ Ecuador was created in 1959 and is a civil society organisation working for social change, development and human rights. ACJ works with the poorest and most excluded of the Ecuadorian society and more specifically with youth and women. ACJ is a oecumenical volunteer movement which belongs to... >>>
ADDAMEER (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association is a Palestinian non-governmental, civil institution that works to support Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli and Palestinian prisons. Established in 1992 by a group of activists interested in human rights,... >>>
ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) is a Christian humanitarian organization that works in developing countries primarily in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Much of the agency’s work consists in emergency relief projects to provide clean drinking water, health care or food. ADRA also... >>>
Afirma Comunicação e Pesquisa is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit and non-religious organization. Its institutional mission is the production and the democratization of information and data relevant to the promotion of human rights and greater racial and sexual equality. Afirma... >>>
The All Students’ Democratic Front was born with the intention to remove the military dictatorship and establish a democratic federal union in Burma in the wake of the 1988 popular democratic Uprising. The front aims are to work for the people from all walks of life in Burma regardless of race,... >>>
Alternative Citizens’ Space is a member of the Alternatives International Federation. This is a non-political not-for-profit association striving for a society founded on equal human and gender rights; a society conscious of environmental preservation and youth development, which values... >>>
The Alternative Civil Association Terrazul is the Brazilian member of the Alternatives International Federation.  It is Located in Fortaleza, Ceará in Brazil, Terrazul’s mission is to contribute to discourse about our future, both as citizens and as a species living on Planet Earth. It also... >>>
Alternative Espaces Citoyens is the Nigerien member of Alternatives International (AlterInter). Their mission is to develop a society based on human rights and gender equality, preserving the environment, promoting the youth, and fostering solidarity among peoples.Alternative Espaces Citoyens... >>>
Alternatives Forum in Morocco (FMAS) is a member of the Alternatives International Federation. FMAS defines itself as an association dedicated to defending and promoting the economic, political, social, civil and cultural rights of groups and individuals, without racial, ethnic, language,... >>>
Alternatives has launched the projects “Supporting Peace in Papua” and “Strengthening Peace in Sulawesi” in conjunction with CIDA. These two initiatives aim to end the conflicts in Eastern Indonesia. Following a series of missions in Indonesia between 1999 and 2001, Alternatives began working with... >>>
Over the years AIDC has played a leading role in various civil society responses to ongoing inequality including facilitating the launch and building of the South African Jubilee 2000 Debt Cancellation Campaign, and the Right to Work Campaign. AIDC has established itself as a leading source of... >>>
Established in 1990 the Senegalese association aims first and foremost and literacy training integrated non-formal adult. Using an innovative way new information technologies and communications (ICT), it directs its activities toward alternative approaches to adult education and presents itself as... >>>
The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) was established in July 2000 by activists and organisations involved in two key anti-privatisation struggles: the struggle against iGoli 2002 in Johannesburg, and the struggle against Wits 2001 at Wits University. The APF has affiliates from the unions,... >>>
Antitube dedicated to the dissemination of culture, history and future of moving images in Quebec city. >>>
MissionQuebec’s international cooperation association, AQOCI, consists of 65 organisations working toward humane and sustainable development, in Quebec and abroad.AQOCI’s mission is to promote and support the work of its member organisations as well as their initiatives for international solidarity... >>>
The academy offers alternative theater training in the study of performing arts, the methodology includes various programs for children, youth and adults, in areas related to performance, playwriting, production, body awareness staging, children's theater, voice techniques, mime, face painting,... >>>
The French branch of HCA, Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens (HCA-France), founded also in 1990, is a member of the French NGO netwotk Initiative pour un autre monde (IPAM). It has developed a specific activity in France on issues of identity and citizenship, and organize actions of solidarity with... >>>
Associação da Mulher Rural (AMRU) was established in 1993 as a way to join forces and efforts of institutions working for women's rights, to give a strong response to anything that is contrary to women's development and full enjoyment of their rights as citizens of this country. The Forum... >>>
The APITU itself takes its name from the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Tumucumaque Park and together with the Special Secretariat of Policies for Indigenous Peoples (SEPI) is responsible for development in Macapa. The APITU was established in 1994 to represent the five ethnic groups -... >>>
The Association africaine de défense des Droits de l’Homme is an apolitical organization promoting and defending human rights, created on January 10th of 1991 in Kinshasa by a group of lawyers, doctors and journalists. In 1998, following the government's measure of banning ASADHO over the whole... >>>
ACAPES is linked to the government of the Republic of Senegal by a protocol of agreements signed on 25 June 1985 as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and has a consultative status of NGO within the ECOSOC of the United Nations. The advent of a world where the mechanisms of social relations are... >>>
APC is both a network and an organisation. APC members are groups working in their own countries to advance the same mission as APC. In December 2010, APC had 50 members in 35 countries, the majority from developing countries.APC’s mission is to empower and support organisations, social movements... >>>
The Association for the Promotion of Integral Family Healthcare (APROSIFA) is a Haitian volunteer organization that has worked for nearly fifteen years in the shantytowns on the slopes of morne l’Hôpital, a hill overlooking the city of Port-au-Prince. APROSIFA provides health services primarily to... >>>
This association takes the form of a nonprofit association whose purpose is to support and promote, in the country, by all human, intellectual and / or property, the action of Moïse Katumbi. He is the governor of Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of Congo since February 2007, a position... >>>
The Association of Canadian Community Colleges is the national, voluntary membership organization representing colleges and institutes in Canada and internationally. ACCC's Ottawa Secretariat represents members with the federal government and industry.  It is also organizes conferences and... >>>
Association of Development Agencies (ADA) – JamaicaThe Association of Development Agencies (ADA) is a group of non-governmental development agencies working in Jamaica. ADA aims to promote sustainable development and social change, and the creation of a framework for debate, policy, advocacy and... >>>
The ATLSE's mission is to:Promote knowledge and experience to bring about lasting changes, individual and collective behaviors and values ​​and to develop attitudes and civic solidarity in the fields related to environment, health and development;Participate in decision making about sustainable... >>>
ATTAC-Québec makes a work of outreach and action for fiscal justice, against tax havens and to impose a tax on financial transactions to curb speculation and build a fund for development assistance. In 2003-2004, ATTAC campaigned against the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS/WTO), which... >>>
Assur Banipal is an Assyrian Chaldean cultural and social organization established in 1988 for the purpose of encouraging the culture and arts of the Assyrian Chaldean people (a Christian linguistic/ethnic minority) and reinforcing their relationship with other cultures. Among other activities, the... >>>
The movement Barrios de Pie is born in December 2001 as an organization that seeks to support the demands of the country's unemployed. The main movement’s campaigns focused on the fight against hunger and poverty and opposition to the policies promoted by the IMF. Within this framework, it... >>>
Bayti is a local Moroccan organization that was founded in 1994 and works with UNESCO France to protect and provide assistance to children facing the problems of homelessness, abuse and/or neglect. The organization's main base is located in the outskirts of Casablanca although it has recently... >>>
Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti or Indian Organization for Learning and Science is "an ongoing crusade of science and literacy for national integration and self-reliance."BGVS considers literacy as a starting point for social transformation and the crusade against illiteracy as a crusade against... >>>
BOCOSFO is an organisation based in Bophelong. It is an affiliate to the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF). BOCSFO is a community-based organisation with the aim and objective of educating the community in terms of social, political, economic and educational issues. It is open to all, regardless of... >>>
The Brazilian Association for Economic Solidarity (ABESOL), based in Brasilia, brings together 17 NGOs from across the country. ABESOL’s objective is to defend, promote and articulate an economy of solidarity by supporting small businesses and cooperatives through the establishment of training... >>>
The Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (IBASE) is a civil society organization founded in 1981 whose goal is to consolidate democracy and promote active citizenship in Brazil. To do this, the institute works to strengthen the associative capacity of civil society, develop public... >>>
BWU is an independent association aiming to organize the women of Burma, both along the Thailand, India and China borders of the country and internationally. Membership with BWU is open to all women of Burma regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, marital status, sexual preference, or livelihood.... >>>
The Café Graffiti’s mission is to provide a living environment for youth. They can gather together to discuss and find a sympathetic ear to their needs. In addition, the Café Graffiti ensure the professional recognition of young artists while helping them to fight against their exclusion. Some... >>>
The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) is an independent regional non-governmental organization founded in 1993. It aims at promoting respect for the principles of human rights and democracy, analyzing the difficulties facing the application of International Human Rights Law and... >>>
The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) was formed in 1967 to represent the interests of Arab Canadians with respect to the formulation of public policy in Canada. It presently consists of over 40 member organizations. CAF's objectives include protecting civil liberties and human rights as well as... >>>
Canadian Dimension is a magazine published six times per year. It presents alternatives to the neo-liberal/capitalist approach to development. The magazine is an open forum for people of different political and social backgrounds to work together to fight for a better world.   >>>
Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB), founded in 1991, is a federally incorporated non-profit organization working for the establishment of democracy and human rights in Burma. CFOB’s commitments include: -monitoring Canada’s relations with Burma; -raising awareness in Canada about the political and... >>>
The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) represents the interests of more than three million affiliated workers in every imaginable occupation from coast to coast. It is the umbrella organization for dozens of affiliated Canadian and international unions, as well as provincial federations of labour and... >>>
Canadian Togolese Community is a nonprofit organization created on December 21st of 1991 during a General Assembly gathering Togo nationals residing in Canada. CTC aims to: To bring together people of Togolese origin or nationality or not living in Canada;Provide volunteer community services to... >>>
Canta Brasil of Canoas, Porto Alegre seeks to reveal the anonymous talents of young people of the region’s neighborhoods. The organization serves over 350 children and youth of the Mathias Velho, Santo Operário, Vila Cerne and Contel neighborhoods. Its Artistic Schools program provides dance... >>>
CAFRA is a regional network of feminists, individual researchers, activists and women’s organisations that define feminist politics as a matter of both consciousness and action. It is committed to understanding the relationship between the oppression of women and other forms of oppression in the... >>>
The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) is a coalition of Caribbean non-governmental organizations. It was established in 1991 to sensitize NGOs and the general public on key policy issues and to impact policy makers on decisions which put the interests of Caribbean people at the center of... >>>
Carrefour Tiers-Monde (CTM) is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in Quebec in 1969. Its objective is to sensitize and mobilize the population in the region to development education and international solidarity. It coordinates the Quebec Day of international solidarity. In addition... >>>
The Casa Africa cultural centre’s mission is to promote African and Afro-Brazilian culture through presentations, exhibitions, performances and seminars that underline the contributions of people of African origin in the construction of a new Brazilian identity.The organisation’s social and... >>>
The Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) is the organization representing organized labor through the Republic of Cuba. CTC has had its antecedent in the National Confederation of Cuban Workers (CNOC), which was considered the first proletarian center of Cuba, and from the beginning supported... >>>
Created in 1992, The Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina (CTA) is a union that serves both employed and unemployed workers. It is founded upon three essential concepts: direct affiliation, participatory democracy and political autonomy. For over a decade, the CTA has worked to change society... >>>
BAYTI, which means "my house" in Arabic, is a nongovernmental organization based in Casablanca Morocco. It was created with support from Terre des Hommes in 1994. The original mission of Bayti is working with street kids in Casablanca, and Essaouira and Kenitra (school farm). BAYTI is currently... >>>
CIDMAA is a resource center on Southern Africa. CIDMAA publishes a newsletter three times a year that focuses on news and information about the current situation in Southern Africa and the activities of groups from Quebec and the rest of Canada. CIDMAA products, translates and distributes articles... >>>
Recognizing the critical need of assistance and services to immgrants, women from the Latino community, professionals of business, law and education, have joined together to found an organization that helps immigrants. That was in 1982. Copsi is a paralegal and social consultation service for... >>>
The main mission of the Center for Socio-Montreal community is social promotion and integration into the host society of socioeconomically disadvantaged members from ethnocultural communities. Information sessions and training workshops; Coffee meetings and brainstorming sessions; Public... >>>
For years the community media activists in South Africa were busy conducting struggles and thereby to closely monitor public policy. The current environment is different and must develop a more open type of television to the community. Here, apartheid has left a legacy of injustice and any... >>>
Quebec's Centre for Media Alternative is a physical meeting point and a virtual platform for independent and alternative information. By forging a partnership network with other local and national media organisations which, just like us, think information should be freed from the mass media’s... >>>
The Centre International des Femmes, Québec (CIFQ) is a non-profit organization established in 1981 specifically to support immigrant women and their families. The Ministry of health and social service recognizes the specific role of CIFQ in the health and social services for women and their... >>>
The Centre résidentiel et communautaire Jacques-Cartier was founded in 1992. It is a democratic living environment BY and FOR young people where, beyond the mutual help, each young person is invited to solidarity in the context of a more just and responsible society. Everyone is invited, with all... >>>
Centre pour la Formation et la Promotion des Droits de l'homme, CFPD in acronym, is a defense organization and promotion of human rights in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Established in 1993, he was animated by a group of intellectuals concerned with promoting respect for human rights... >>>
Since its formation, Chinta Magazine has strived to stand as an alternative voice to mainstream media on issues touching Bangladesh and other developing countries. Much of the focus is on Women's struggles, political, social and environmental causes as well as giving a voice to marginalized groups... >>>
Launched on April 26th, 1980, from an antenna mounted on the Olympic Stadium, the Radio communautaire francophone de Montréal is non-profit organization broadcasting radio programs involving many partners. >>>
 CISM is the student radio of University of Montreal (UdeM). Their goal is to diffuse new musical talents in Quebec that are yet undiscovered by mainstream media. CISM is a radio for the youth, committed to stimulate innovation and diversity. The CISM radio station is for francophone students... >>>
CIVICUS : World Alliance for Citizen Participation promotes the emergence, strengthening and protection of citizen action all over the world, and especially in regions where participatory democracy and and citizens' freedom of association are threatened.CIVICUS works to build a... >>>
Radio Basse-Ville CKIA is a radio station in the Quebec city area. CKIA is an actor in the realization of an inclusive, egalitarian, and green society. Their mission is to produce an engaged and progressive radio station that encourages citizens to build an inspiring community.  The station... >>>
CKUT is a campus-community radio station based at McGill University in Montreal. CKUT provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hear us at 90.3 MHz on the FM dial, 91.7 by cable, or listen on-... >>>
The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) was constituted in November (11-13) 2000, as the national coalition of organizations and individuals in India committed to and working for nuclear disarmament, in response to nuclear weaponisation in India, and soon after Pakistan, against a... >>>
Colectivo de Trabajadores is a Chilean labour organization aiming to rebuild the labour movement in the country and across the continent. It suspended its political activities in 2008, but remains active through an online journal, workshops, publications and demonstrations.For more information... >>>
Collectif des organisations des Jeunes Solidaires du Congo-Kinshasa (COJESKI) is a collective of about 270 youth organization created in 1994 under the leadership of the Ecumenical Christian Youth. Its main objective is to promote and defend human values ​​positive, sustainable development and... >>>
The Collective for Democracy in Togo (CDT) was created in the fall of 1992 shortly after the National Conference in Togo. This conference was organized to establish democratic institutions for the intercessory period with the first democratic elections in the country since 1963, the time of the... >>>
Mission:The Commission épiscopale Justice et Paix is a creature of Vatican II who wanted "to create a body of the universal Church, entrusted with engaging the Catholic community to promote progress in needy regions and social justice among nations "(Gaudium et Spes n.90). On January 6, 1967, Pope... >>>
Communautique’s mission is to support civic participation by promoting literacy information and appropriating information and communications technologies to contribute to their development. Its objectives are: Enhance access to ICTs and to the Internet Promote... >>>
The Audacity of the CSNSince it’s founding in 1921, the Confederation of National Unions has been at the forefront of the discussion on social struggles and trade unions in Quebec. It is simply impossible to discuss the growth of trade unions in Quebec without at least mentioning the CSN.... >>>
COVA (Confederation of Voluntary Associations) is a national network of voluntary organizations in India dedicated to the issues of social harmony, peace and justice. The prime focus of COVA is on citizenship rights. COVA organises perspective building activities and programs, carries out... >>>
Congo's National Workers Union (UNTC) was formed in 1967 from the merger of all the pre-existing unions in what was then Zaire. With the support of Quebec’s Confédération des syndicats nationaux, Alternatives has been helping since 2007 to promote women’s rights and involvement in the UNTC.Contact... >>>
CNONGD mission is to help strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of NGDOs members, using: engine of prospective ethical issues management, internal democracy and global;catalyst of global dynamics affecting national peace, elections, alternate, reconstruction; normative framework... >>>
Coopeortega conduct an effective environmental management in the area of ​​the lower Tempisque, where his work focuses on the establishment, administration and management of biological corridors. The biological corridor establishes wetlands surrounding join communities of Ortega and Bolson, with... >>>
COREPA is an association of Palmarin N'Gallou which began operations in 1995 but formally was established in September 1998. This is a village association recognized by the Senegalese government whose main goal is to take action to participate in economic, social and cultural village. >>>
Criola is a NGO based in Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 1992 by a group of Afro-Brazilian women from diverse backgrounds. Its mission is to enable Afro-Brazilian women, teenagers and girls to become agents for change in the struggle against racism, sexism, and homophobia, and work for the... >>>
It is the largest union of Brazil and the 5th in the world representing more than 22 million members. It is known as the Central the most progressive in the country. >>>
In the early years, Dans la rue developed because of the vision and tireless work of itsr founder, Father Emmett Johns (Pops). Over the years, more and more people recognized the importance of Pops mission and supported Dans la rue with their time and money. Dans la rue has grown into a multi-... >>>
The Deccan Development Society (DDS) is a two-decade old grassroots organisation working in about 75 villages with women's Sanghams (voluntary village level associations of the poor) in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh. The 5000 women members of the Society represent the poorest of the poor in... >>>
Development and Peace (The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace) is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. Development and Peace is a membership led organization supported by parish... >>>
Development Worshop working in Angola since 1981 at the request of the national government to help develop policies and programs for human settlements and self-help housing. Through the decades, DW adopted a strategy of supporting the emerging Angolan civil society and the decentralization of local... >>>
The DMTIC grew out of an Alternatives-organised roundtable in Kinshasa in January 2005 that focused on Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). DMTIC promotes a concerted approach to Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) between the private sector, the media, civil society,... >>>
Educación Popular en Salud (EPES) was born in 1982 in Santiago, as part of the diaconal work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCH) to encourage participation and planning of community health of the popular sectors with the expansion of its work the following year to the city of... >>>
El Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) is an international non-governmental organization, established in 1967 and maintains formal consultative relations with UNESCO. The Council's objectives are the promotion and development of research and social science teaching and... >>>
Founded in 1958, Entraide missionnaire (EMI) is a community group supported by religious institutes and secular groups of French Canada.   Why? For whom? to meet the needs of training, consultation and engagement;for all people and groups (networks of international solidarity, women's... >>>
Federacion de Mujeres Cubanas (FMC) is a mass organization of the Republic of Cuba to carry out the policies and programs to achieve the full realization of equality and emancipation of Cuban women in all areas and levels of society. >>>
Created in April 2007, the FRPC is composed of 11 provincial networks including nearly 217 member stations. Its mission is to stimulate the participation of the Congolese population in the national democratic development through radio and to build the capacities of local radios members, defend... >>>
FM La Tribu is a collective of alternative communication based in Buenos Aires since 1989. The tribe began broadcasting on frequency 88.7 as a community radio station, but soon added other activities to his body to become today a group of communication with audiovisual productions, a training... >>>
Foro de Mujeres para la Integración Centroamericana [FMICA] was created in 1996 in Nicaragua and has offices throughout Central America. In 1998, the forum with the various actors of civil society urges a process for the construction of a proposed policy entitled Strategic Agenda para la Equidad de... >>>
Forum Social Pan-Amazônico brings together various organizations and social movements of the nine countries of the Pan-Amazon to create a common space for the struggles panamazonienne. >>>
Le Forum social sénégalais is the Senegalese version of the World Social Forum. It aims to draw attention to specific issues in Senegal, and more broadly the Senegambia region and West Africa. Its efforts have also led to its selection as the host city of Dakar WSF 2011.For more information: http... >>>
The FRUTCAS is an indigenous peasant’s union whose mandate is to defend the rights of the region’s indigenous and peasant workers. The organization represents male and female quinoa agriculturalists as well as llama breeders and promotes dialogue between the government and peasant organisations... >>>
Fundação Perseu Abramo is a brazilian NGO created by the Workers' Party (WP) by the decision of its National Council on May 5, 1996. This paved the way for the realization of an old aspiration of the WP, which was an area outside the party to develop forums where activities take place such as... >>>
Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el hombre is a non-governmental non-profit organization that continues the legacy of Dr. Antonio Núñez Jiménez through programs of research and development activities that promote a culture of values ​​toward nature in local, national and... >>>
GIWUSA is a general independent union organizing in different industries. The Union is involved in a range of issues: Negotiating wages and conditions of employment; Defending workers against unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices; And representing workers in matters of... >>>
GIWUSA is a general independent union organizing in different industries. Its membership is concentrated in the following industries: Engineering (Contract and Labour Brokers), Plastic, Furniture, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Wood, Paper, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Transport etc. The Union... >>>
NGO based in Nepal. Its researches are oriented on the development of renewable energy technologies, specifically in rural areas. Founded in 1994, it mades ​​the search for plants potentially usable as fuel, performs work networking with organizations working in the field of renewable energy and... >>>
THE GROUP FOR RESEARCH AND INITIATIVE FOR THE LIBERATION OF AFRICA (GRILA) was founded in 1984. It is an autonomous, non-profit, entirely volunteer-based organization of researchers and activists. It functions on the basis of the material and intellectual contribution of its sections, made up of... >>>
The Groupe Justice et Libération was created on January 31th, 1992, is a Christian association of human rights. It received its license to operate by the letter of the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals No. Just/CAB/MINI/20/074/94. Its vision is to make men master of their destiny by... >>>
The Groupe Médialternatif is an association of professionals in mass communication and related disciplines. It was officially founded in Port-au-Prince on October, 20th 2001 by career journalists who previously worked and fought together for over 10 years. The Groupe Médialternatif up its actions... >>>
The Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae is working on recovery and reintegration of young people living in favelas in Brazil. It works to offer them a stimulating environment and give them the opportunity to perform in cultural and artistic activities.  >>>
Grupo de Resistencia Meio Ambiente às Agressões ao (GRAMA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by Valmir Do Carmo. Its objectives are the defense of the environment in both artistic and aesthetic level and landscape. The institution develops environmentally. Its thematic areas include:... >>>
Head & Hands’ mission is to work with youth to promote their physical and mental well-being. Its approach is preventative, non-judgmental and holistic, with a fundamental commitment to providing an environment that welcomes youth without discrimination. Head & Hands facilitate social change... >>>
At Head & Hands we envision a society in which all youth are participants and are inspired by the endless possibilities available to them. Our mission is to work with youth to promote their physical and mental well-being. Our approach is preventative, inclusive, non-judgmental, and holistic,... >>>
Helsinski Citizens’ Assembly (HCA) is a non-governmental organization working on the notions of fundamental rights and freedoms, peace, democracy and pluralism. HCA works independently from political parties, government and states, aims to: introduce the basic rights and freedoms... >>>
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is a non gouvernemental, non political, voluntary and non-profit making organisation. Since 1987, it has developed to become a broad-spectrum, countrywide human rights body. Nationally, the HRCP has established a leading role in providing a highly informed... >>>
Founded in 1988 by members of the Buraku community in Japan, IMADR (International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism) is an international human rights NGO devoted to eliminating racism and discrimination toward minorities. It mainly focuses on building a global... >>>
Insan Association believes that the rights of vulnerable children as well as their physical and psychological well being and the development of their mental and human capacities are of primary importance. The priority of Insan is to promote and to work on implementing children’s rights, security,... >>>
MissionTo provide the Quebec tourism, hotel and food service industries with top-quality professional human resources.Mandates In accordance with its incorporating Act, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec is a training institution that offers both regular and continuing... >>>
The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World was founded in 1973. The history of the Institute is closely linked to that of the first women’s college in the Middle East, the America Junior College for Women, which was established in 1924 by the Presbyterian Mission and evolved into today’s... >>>
In 1992, Institute of Perspectives was established by several members of the Support Commitee for the Labour Movement, as part of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It specialized in multidisciplinary research on issues of basic concern to Russia's socio-econmic development, with particular emphasis... >>>
The Institute of Technology and Animation is a major NGO supporter of rural development. It has projects in different areas of the country focusing on training farmers and their organizations on technical aspects, organizational, commercial, etc. >>>
The Institute of Technology and Animation (ITECA) is an NGO that supports rural development. It has projects all over Canada that focus on training farmers and their organizations on technical, organizational, and commercial methods.  >>>
The Institute Florestan Fernandes (IFF) was established in 1999. Florestan Fernandes was a Brazilian sociologist who has had a long struggle against injustice and inequality in his country. With trade unionists, social leaders and intellectuals, he is the source of the Institute that now bears his... >>>
French member of Alternatives International, the "Initiatives for another world" (IPAM) network is constituted of several associations dedicated to international, regional and national solidarity. They join together in order to funnel their efforts and add to the growing international... >>>
The Iraqi Assembly for Supporting the Families of Martyrs and the Disappeared is a relatively new organization of the widows of the Iran/Iraq War, the Saddam Hussein regime, the First Gulf War, the Second Gulf War and the American Occupation. Although reliable statistics are not available, it is... >>>
The Iraqi Democratic Future Network (IDFN) is a network of 16 Iraqi civil society organisations. It was created in 2004 to foster cooperation towards building a more democratic Iraq. IDFN stands for human rights, democracy, social justice and a secular, independent and united Iraq. >>>
Iraqi Organization for Athletic Development is a new NGO that seeks to promote secular and humanitarian values through sport. The group mobilises adult and young adult volunteers, and assists them in the organisation of free-time and competitive sports activities for children and youth, on a non-... >>>
The Iraqi Organization for athletic development promotes laic and humanitarian values through sport. It mobilizes adult volunteers help in the organization of recreational or competitive sports activities for children or adolescents. These activities are done on a non-sectarian base and... >>>
The Iraqi Organization for Athletic Development promotes secular and humanitarian values through sports. Adult volunteers come together to organise recreational or competitive sports for kids and teens. The activities are nonsectarian and particularly encourage athletic opportunities for girls. >>>
The Iraqi Rising Women is a relatively new Iraqi NGO established in April 2003, which is working to educate women about women’s rights and trying to bring women together into a pluralist, national women’s movement. It focuses on urban poor women, as a corrective to the middle-class and student... >>>
Iraqi Rising Women is an Iraqi NGO founded in april 2003. It missions are to educate women about their rights and to attempt to consolidate a pluralistic national feminist movement. The NGO focuses its activities on women in deprived urban areas and supports a number of Iraqi women's... >>>
"Iraqi Rising Women" is an NGO founded in April of 2003. They work to educate women on their rights and to strengthen a pluralistic and national feminist movement. The NGO focuses its actions on women in impoverished urban areas and supports many Iraqi women's organizations. >>>
It is a pluralistic and broad network of social movements, popular and religious organizations, political groups, communities and campaigns in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. They work together to develop a global movement that fights for Southern freedom from external... >>>
Juventude do Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) is the youth wing of the Brazilian Labor Party. There are 52 million young people in Brazil that allows a new conception of the state, politic and party. >>>
Khanya College is the South African member of the Alternatives International (AlterInter) Federation. Khanya College is an independent, non-governmental organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 1986, the primary aim of Khanya College is to assist various constituencies... >>>
L'Organization Rassemblement Democratique des Femmes du Niger (RDFN) is a non-governmental organization that promotes activism and educational development in Niger with a specific focus on defending and promoting the rights of Nigerien women. The organization focuses on addressing cases... >>>
La Bande Vidéo is a center of creation and research in media arts involved in the emergence of a contemporary videographic culture. By stimulating the creation and exchange between authors, we aim to renew the videographic discourse and practice so that the medium can evolve with its own... >>>
La Fondation de la tolérance’s mission is to raise young people’s awareness to the respect of differences in order to build a more tolerant and inclusive society Over the years, the existence and development of La Fondation de la tolérance’s activities have been possible thanks to the involvement... >>>
The mission of Fundación Chilena de las Imágenes en Movimiento is the rescue, restoration, preservation and dissemination of film heritage. His vision is to understand the environment of broadcasting as the most effective and most direct instrument for education. To do so, the foundation aims to... >>>
La Neta is a civil society organization that was created to provide information technology services to non-governmental organizations, other non-profit organizations and agencies dedicated to working with this sector. As an internet provider, the majority of its 1,300 users are are non-profit... >>>
The Surda is a movement with a history of almost two decades. Born in the early nineties, in the context of the agreed transition between military dictatorship and the concertation elite, arising mainly from political groups to end university magazine the journal Surda, where they tried to... >>>
La Voix des Sans-Voix is created illegally in 1983 under Joseph-Desire Mobutu. It aims to educate Congolese and international actors to abuses of power and Zairean Congolese. VSV issues statements and reports to denounce violations of human rights, including: the right of prisoners and the use of... >>>
PACHE was founded in 1969 by Quebec citizens of Egyptian origins to answer the call of the Association of Upper Egypt for the Education and Development (AUEED) which, for over 70 years, has been devoted to empower underprivileged communities in Upper Egypt, through education and development... >>>
Iteka was established in 1991 at the initiative of a group of executives from various socio-professional categories, including university professors, lawyers, religious etc. It was officially approved by the Ordinance of 6 February 1991, becoming the first Burundian organization human rights to be... >>>
La Ligue des Electeurs (League of Voters) is a Kinshasa-based NGO founded in 1990 that works to instill a culture of democracy, human rights, and peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through public education. La Ligue des Electeurs organizes courses and campaigns on the issues of peace,... >>>
Mandelaville Crisis Committee (MCC) is affiliated to the APF. Mandeville is a place of "informal" residence in the suburbs of Uitenhage. In 2005, MCC gathered on the site of the former gold mine Durban Roodepoort Deep residents seeking housing. >>>
McGill University is one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the country's leading research-intensive universities. With students coming to McGill from about 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse of any medical-doctoral university in... >>>
MEPLA is a research center based in Cuba is an nonprofit institution founded in October 1991. It aims to contribute to the recovery of historical memory of the popular movement in Latin America and the Caribbean reflect on their practice and wide dissemination of the experiences he has studied. >>>
Mesa Nacional Campesina is an organization of small farmers who seeks to defend the interests and rights of farmers in the smallholder sector, their high priority. It also tries to strengthen their position by the political union representation, constitutional and organizational coordination and... >>>
The Montréal Urban Ecology Centre’s mission is to build and share expertise concerning the most viable and democratic approaches to sustainable urban development. Inspired by ‘Social Ecology’, the Centre questions the relationship between nature and society and sees these two elements as tightly... >>>
The Moro Human Rights Center (MHRC) is a non-governmental organization that pioneers human rights work for the Moro people. It was established on November 20th 1987 to extend services and support through its programs: Research and Documentation, Advocacy and Campaigns, Relief and Rehabilitation,... >>>
The Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) is one of Morocco's largest organizations. Most of its work is devoted to the issues of political detention, torture and human rights awareness. >>>
MPP seeks to organize Haïti’s marginalized rural population into a national social movement in order to fight to build a society where human basic needs such as food, housing, education, work, medicine and leisure are satisfied, all while respecting the people’s identity and freedom. To date, the... >>>
"Mouvement Social" has been working since 1961 towards sustainable development over all the Lebanese soil in a secular fashion. It aims to build a fair and humane society, to improve the citizenship and autonomy of the underprivileged through socio-economic development projects and to implicate... >>>
In 2000 was born on Movement of People's Councils (MCP), whose first idea was to organize and give shape to policy initiatives of the election period. Since then, a political debate as a whole was conducted with the intention of organizing people based on the ideals of independence, autonomy and... >>>
The MLP is an internationally recognized peasant movement that fights against large landowners with the aim of facilitating access to land.   >>>
The town of Lota is recognized nationally and internationally, resulting in a heritage in the province of Concepcion. It is famous for its model of participatory management in co-management with public and private actors, his work articulated agreements at national level with many municipalities,... >>>
NAJDEH Association is a non-government charity association registered in Lebanon. For the past sixteen years, Najdeh has mobilized Palestinian communities in the refugee camps of Lebanon for the benefit of disadvantaged Palestinian and Lebanese families in the fields of vocational training , pre-... >>>
Narigrantha Prabartana (NGP) was established in 1989 as the first and only women's bookstore and publishing house in Bangladesh and remained so till today. It is specialised in books written and focused on and for women. However, it played an activists role in determining the contents and... >>>
The National Association of Canadians of Origins in India (NACOI) represents people whose ethnic origins, by birth, ancestry or marriage, can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent. NACOI's constituency, a significant component of Canada's diverse ethnic mix, comes from India, Pakistan,... >>>
Campus radio was born in Canada in 1922 on the campus of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Begun as an electrical engineering experiment, this station, CFRC, remained Canada's only licensed campus station until CJUS-FM at the University of Saskatchewan was licensed in 1963. The National... >>>
The National Health and Education (NHEC) is an umbrella organization for the health and education of ethnic nationalities and democratic groups. Its member organizations are basically political in nature and operate within the broader movement towards national reconciliation in Burma. There are at... >>>
The Near Eastern Cultural and Educational Foundation (NECEF) is an academically oriented Canadian non-governmental organization. With an extensive international network of individual and group supporters, NECEF seeks to promote a greater understanding in Canadian society of the history, culture and... >>>
The Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa has its origins in the anti-apartheid movement. It expresses its solidarity with the people of southern Africa and strives to help find structural solutions in the fight against poverty, injustice and inequality. NiZA was created in 1997 by merging... >>>
OneWorld Radio offers services and networking for broadcasters and civil society organisations that use radio for human rights and sustainable development. >>>
For nearly 20 years, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has been mobilizing poor communities under attack. It has resisted all levels of government and a host of institutions that contribute to poverty. OCAP is a direct-action anti-poverty organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.... >>>
Os Verdes is a brazilian NGO devoted to the environment by the education, but also by the life in society and politic. >>>
Outils de paix is a network of community organizations whose aim is to develop skills of peace in communities, in order to prevent violence and deal with its many manifestations. To achieve this goal, these organizations are mobilizing to support the community in the implementation of citizens'... >>>
Promotion et appui aux initiatives féminines (PAIF) is an NGO created in 1992 that works principally in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, in North and South Kivu. It focuses mainly on the areas of microcredit, sociocultural rights and political rights for women, and works primarily... >>>
Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), established in 1982, is a not-for-profit, non-government, citizen sector organization engaged in research, training, and advocacy in the areas of labour rights and labour legislation, social justice, human development, and regional... >>>
In August and September 1998, a Working Group consisting of I. A. Rehman, Beena Sarwar, Shahtaj Qizilbash, Karamat Ali, B. M. Kutty, M. B. Naqvi, Omar Asghar Khan, Jennifer Bennet, Zafarullah Khan and Saeed Ahmed met in Islamabad to discuss the futurestrategies for the peace movement in Pakistan.... >>>
The initiative for the formation of Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy was taken in late 1993 and the first joint declaration was announced on September 4, 1994 at Lahore. The objective of this initiative was to facilitate for common people in both countries to listen to voices... >>>
La Plateforme haïtienne de plaidoyer pour un développement alternatif is a coalition of social movements and organizations of civil society that is dedicated to the information and training of NGOs and public. It is the analysis and development of alternative proposals while also taking care of... >>>
Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) was established in 1986 as a funding mechanism through the support of Canadian and African non-governmental organizations and the Canadian International Development Agency. PAC subsequently funded hundreds of innovative projects that supported sustainable development... >>>
The Patro Le Prevost is an educational environment of Christian inspirations that aims the development of people of all ages through recreation, community action, pastoral and education >>>
Patro le Provost is a Christian organization that advocates for people of all ages to be involved in their community. It encourages recreation, religious involvement, and political organizing.    >>>
People’s Rights for Culture and Media (Al Nas) is a new NGO that works with the Annas Radio Station to try to find new ways to educate and encourage freedom of expression through the radio. >>>
From 1995 to 1998, People's Watch concentrated its activities on monitoring of human rights violations. In 1998, People's Watch began legal intervention on behalf of victims. Soon after, the need to launch a full-fledged awareness building campaign for human rights became clear, and this was... >>>
La Plate Forme Paysanne du Niger (PFPN) is an organized framework for reflection, dialogue and action of nigerian Peasants Organisations (POs) created at the forum of 27 and 28 April 1998. This structure is nonprofit, private and has a legal personality. At its inception, it has 9 PO members, today... >>>
PNEU is a grouping of associations fighting poverty in Casablancas. >>>
The Cuban pork industry’s Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas (IIP) is part of the Agricultural Ministry and is composed of researchers, specialists and technicians with more than 30 years of experience in the domain.One of the IIP’s main priorities is the disposal of porcine organic waste. In... >>>
The situation of the weavers Tangail was extremely sad. Many weavers had migrated or had fallen under the exploitative demands of the local moneylenders. Bangladesh's tradition and craftsman's of fine and beautiful handloom weaving was being lost. The weaving production is mostly done in villagers... >>>
Protège QV is a Cameroonian rights association whose mission it is to promote individual and collective initiative that target environmental protection and contributes to an increased quality of life for Cameroonian families. It’s main objectives are as follows: • Active participation of... >>>
Founded in 1963, the Quebec Civil Liberties Union is an independent, non-lucrative, independent and nonpartisan organization which aims to promote and defend the universality, indivisibility and interdependence of rights recognized in the International Declaration of Human Rights. The Quebec Civil... >>>
Founded in 1995, the Québec Without Borders program (QWB) allows Quebecers aged 18 to 35 years to complete internships for international solidarity in: -Francophone Africa, -Latin America -Caribbean -Quebec organization of international cooperation in Quebec (OIC), for former members of QWB. The... >>>
Founded by newspaper journalist Boucar in Frebruary 1999, as an offshoot of his Anfani print news weekly, Radio Anfani (FM 100MHz) in Niamey was one of Niger's first non-governmental broadcasters. Anfani was shut several times in the 1990s by the government of Col. Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara.... >>>
Radio Centre-Ville is a community and multilingual radio station in Montreal. Active for over 35 years, it supports the free circulation of ideas and gives a voice to the voiceless. Radio Centre-Ville supports cultural and intellectual diversity by offering music, culture and ideas from people here... >>>
AGUILA network, officially launched in early 1997, has three regional secretariats: one in the Andean countries (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador), another in the Southern Cone countries (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and a third for Central America and the Caribbean. The... >>>
Since mid-1990, encouraged by the experience of Canadian society that fought against the terms of a trade agreement between his country and the United States, a group of Mexican social and civic organizations came together to reflect on the implications of a free trade agreement as possible in... >>>
Rede Brasileira pela Integração dos Povos (REBRIP), also known as the Brazilian Network for the Integration of the Peoples, is a group of non-governmental organisations, social movements, syndical entities and independent and professional associations that monitor regional integration processes... >>>
The Regional program for Human Right activist is a part of the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA) that was established in the beginning of 1997 as a civil non-profit corporation in response to the multitude of violations of the basic human rights and freedoms of the great majority of... >>>
Born during the Oka crisis in 1990, the Regroupement de solidarité avec les Autochtones played a central role, on the one hand, to testify the existence of a fringe sympathetic to Native people in Quebec society and, on the other hand, facilitate dialogue between Québec civil society and rights... >>>
The ROCAJQ's mission is to: promote and develop global community approach and independent community action;inform, sensitize and educate the public about the youth’s realities;contribute to discussions on youth issues and social issues;promote collaboration, exchange and cooperation between its... >>>
The Regroupement d’éducation populaire en action communautaire des régions de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches (RÉPAC) brings together some forty community groups sharing practices of autonomous popular education and a commitment to social justice. Its mission focuses on three areas: to promote,... >>>
Born in March 1994 on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day, the RAF is a collective that brings together around 500 organizations working for the cause of women, girls and children. The RAF is present on the national and international levels through information campaigns,... >>>
RADI’s mission is to fight against poverty, injustice and ignorance by promoting the participation of concerned population and by empowering and educating citizens to promote autonomy and self-sustainability. The RADI is involved in various areas: promotion and integration of women, sustainable... >>>
Founded in Toronto in 1995, the Réseau des chercheures africaines is a non-profit organization dedicated to various researches on the integration of professional women from racial minorities, and seeks durable solutions for those who have been there a long time to find a employment in their field,... >>>
Le Réseau des radios libres is an organization regrouping 9 community radio stations (1 in Bamako, 8 in rural areas). Around those community radios were created the Clubs Kayira which are constituted of women’s groups, organizations helping people with disabilities o or organizations of villagers.... >>>
REMED was created at a seminar to raise awareness on climate change, held October 20, 2001 in Rabat, in anticipation of the 7th Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP7) in Marrakech. It is composed of 38 associations working in the fields of environment, development and human rights. Its goal... >>>
The first time a black and humble woman's smile lit up the cover of a Cuban magazine, it was 15 November l961 in the first issue of Mujeres. This image embodied the mission statement of a group who nationalized Vanidades magazine (the story of what is now Continental Vanidades) and the "American... >>>
The Rights to culture and media access organization is a new NGO that works with the radio station Al-Nass in Baghdad to develop new resources to educate citizens and encourage freedom of expression through the radio. >>>
Sabia Mindanian Society joined the network in August 2006. It is an established organization representing one of the Christian ethnic/linguistic minority cultures in Iraq and has been an active member of the Council of Minorities organized by Assur Banipal. >>>
Sabrang Communications ("sabrang" means "all colours") was started in 1993 to provide information, analyse and expose the machinations of communal politics in India, on the subcontinent and abroad and to publicise the attempt of secular individuals, groups and organisations engaged in fighting... >>>
Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) is a registered Afghan development non-governmental organization. Established in 1990, SDO has been serving vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the sectors of education, peace building, community development and community health, in remote and underserved... >>>
Santropol Roulant is an award-winning community organization based in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The organization aims to use food as a vehicle to create trust and build bridges between individuals and generations. Unlike most meals on wheels organizations, Santropol... >>>
The purpose of SWDU is to help the workers, and most importantly the trade-union active workers, to receive knowledge necessary for self-organizing their activity consciously and effectively, for upholding collectively and with solidarity their rights, freedoms and interests on manufactures and... >>>
Secretaria do Desenvolvimento do Trabalho e Social, formerly Secretaria do Trabalho, Cidadania Assistencia e Social, has to coordinate joint actions to the eradication of extreme poverty in the state, the development of workplace policies and the inclusion of productive citizens, welfare and food... >>>
Technological development in Sub-Saharan Africa is amongst the least advanced in the world. In Senegal, this has a major impact on health, the economy, education, the environment and governance. That is why Senegalese immigrants to Germany set up SeneLogic in 2007.SeneLogic encourages the use of... >>>
Ser Mulher is a feminist non-governmental organization, founded August 25, 1989, Its mission is to sensitize society on gender inequalities and promote changes in the context of a critical perspective. The feminist perspective of femininity is contextualized in the crisis of modernity and is based... >>>
The SADRI is the development arm of the Church of Christ in Congo in Katanga Province. With 13 full-time officers including 3 women, SADRI runs a program to build peace around the following: The control of natural resources and the impact of their exploitation for the benefit of local people ;The... >>>
Started in 1985 as a part-time initiative and formalised as a full-time organisation in 1995, Simorgh is a non-government, non-profit, feminist/activist organisation. Simorgh’s main focus is research and dissemination of information that will enable women and men to challenge the dominance of... >>>
Sindicato Estibadores of San Vicente (ESV) is a community and trade union for workers in transition of the port of San Vicente. Their situation is precarious, because, as daily laborers, they can not negotiate a collective agreement. They are then left to the exploitation of large companies and... >>>
Founded in July 1984 with the aim of connecting, disseminate, promote and develop the theater, culture and arts in Chilean society and mainly in the poorest social groups. La Carreta realizes "Extension Theatre" through which they made more than 20 theater productions of copyright, adaptation or... >>>
In June 1997, Solidarité Canada Sahel, its member organizations and more than thirty cities and municipalities in Québec were giving a head start to the creation of an international network of cities committed to suport and defend the struggle against desertification by proclaiming June 17 the... >>>
In its desire to both coordinate and monitor the work of NGOs, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo created by Presidential Decree of 18 May 1998 a non-governmental organization called Solidarité Entre Nous. It aims: To rehabilitate and strengthen solidarity among Congolese... >>>
SUCO's mission is to foster a better contribution and influence of disadvantaged people on their development through capacity-building and support the establishment of a participatory democracy that respect people people and its environment. It also contributes to the commitment of Canadian... >>>
The South African National NGO Coalition, (SANGOCO), emerged in 1995 to coordinate NGO input into the Government policy and ensure that the rich traditions of civil society - forged in the resistance to apartheid - continue to serve the people of South Africa. SANGOCO is the largest single umbrella... >>>
In the strife torn region of South Asia, SAFHR is committed to the promotion of the inter linkages between human rights, peace and substantive democracy. SAFHR is a human rights organization with 'peace as value' as its cornerstone. Peace is understood as a space for the enjoyment of the rights of... >>>
As member of South Asian civil society movement, South Asia Partnership (Pakistan) is striving to empower marginalized sections of society and working to influence policies in favor of people.SAP-PK derives its name from a regional network, i.e., South Asia Partnership. This is a volunteer... >>>
SAP Canada serves as a forum of Canadian organizations that, together and with South Asian partners, works for sustainable human development in the region. SAP Canada works on three major themes: Peace and Security, Governance and Democracy, and Sustainable Livelihoods. Its vision is to maintain... >>>
South Asian Network for Alternative Media (SANAM) is a media support group engaged in promoting awareness on issues affecting common people in South Asia, particularly in the areas of education and mass literacy, culture, human rights, public health and environment. >>>
The Community Center of South Asian Women is an organization that aims to help women use their full potential in the Quebec and Canadian society in general, and to achieve their independence. It offers: Advice for refugees and new immigrants; Courses in French and English with a babysitting service... >>>
StreetNet’s aim is to promote the exchange of information and ideas on critical issues facing street vendors, market vendors and hawkers (i.e. mobile vendors) and on practical organizing and advocacy strategies.Membership-based organizations (unions, co-operatives or associations) directly... >>>
Sudan Future Care Amal Trust is a charity fund established in 1997 to overcome poverty and disease in Sudan and rehabilitate refugiees of Sudan and neighboring countries. Its activities consist of goods distribution (clothes, drinking water, food, medicine) in areas that are not under government... >>>
Tadamon! (Arabic for “solidarity”), is a Montreal-based collective which works in solidarity with struggles for self-determination, equality and justice in the ‘Middle East’ and in diaspora communities in Montreal and beyond.We strive for a world in which every human being is free to live and... >>>
The Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) is a voluntary organization (a registered society) committed to science popularization and education. Started in 1980 by a group of research scholars of Madras University, it functioned during the 80's mainly as an organizer of popular science lectures. In 1987... >>>
Tammuz Organization for Social Development was founded in northern Iraq in 1997 under the name of the Al-Wafa. In May 2003, the organization opened an office in Baghdad and currently operates six other offices across the country: in Erbil, Thy Qar, Babil, Missan, Basra and Anbar. The... >>>
The Tammuz Organization for Social Development (TOSD) was founded in northern Iraq in 1997 under the name Al-Wafaa Association. In May 2003, it opened an office in Baghdad and currently has six other offices across the country: in Erbil, Dhi Qar, Babylon, Missan, Basra and Anbar. The... >>>
Teesri Duniya in 1981 began as a South Asian theatre company. Today it is one of the few theatre companies in Canada, and the only one in Quebec, where artists of every culture, color, language and background work together. Today, in both its creative work and administration, the company promotes a... >>>
The Afghan Peace and Democracy Act (APDA) is an umbrella organization of eight Afghan NGOs. It is a media and communication centre which provides space and skills to its member organizations in producing expertise in media and communication skills. APDA has worked with Canadian and European... >>>
The Al-Rafdain Foundation for Agricultural Development was established in 2003 to support farmers throughout Iraq, helping to increase production, develop new crops and educating them about their rights. >>>
The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) is an independent left oriented women's organisation committed to achieving democracy, equality and women's emancipation. AIDWA believes the emancipation of women in India requires fundamental systemic change. It upholds secular values and... >>>
The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is a member of the Alternatives International Federation. It is an internationally oriented and progressive joint Palestinian-Israeli activist organization. It engages in information dissemination, as well as political advocacy, grassroots activism and... >>>
Founded in 1994, The Antonio Jimenez Foundation for Man and Nature (Fondation Antonio Nunez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre), is a non-governmental scientific and cultural institution dedicated to the research and promotion of culturally and socially directed environmental protection. Through... >>>
Founded in 1970, the Chaldo-Assyrian Organisation for the Arts has offices in Iraq and outside the country. Its mandate is to promote and disseminate the wealth of the Assyrian-Chaldean culture nationally and internationally.  >>>
The Colectiva Feminista Pancha Carrasco is a non profit feminist organization established in 1986. Since then, it has gathered rich and valuable experiences in gender work. It has promoted several processes for organization, training and promotion of the struggle for gender equality and gender... >>>
Gardening on city rooftops, terraces and balconies is an original and creative way to reclaim unused areas of the city and transform them into productive green spaces that help contribute to urban ecology. It is with this intention that the Rooftop Garden Project has been exploring new ways to... >>>
Consideration of the historical realities which frame present-day behavioural patterns of black seniors in Montreal weakens the claim that all Black elders can be adequately cared for by mainstream institutions. Historical experiences such as slavery, underemployment, racial discrimination,... >>>
Alternatives has supported L’Espace associatif in Morocco since its founding in 1996. L’Espace associatif is a collection of associations that fight for human rights, women's rights, democracy, the Tamazight culture, etc. It is a collective strategy, whose aim is the establishment of a democratic... >>>
The General Union of Students in Iraq is a student organization originally established in 1948, which all but disappeared for twenty-five years. It was able to open its Baghdad Office in May 2003 and has since established branches in all of Iraq’s governorates. In August 2003, it was elected as the... >>>
INSIST goal is to eliminate all types and forms of injustice by promoting empowerment of groups that have, to this point, been placed in weak, marginalised positions. They must be empowered to become active, critical actors in all processes of social transformation, moving towards the realisation... >>>
The Institute of International Studies in Montreal (IISM) was created in 2002 to support, reinforce and deepen research initiatives, train students and mobilize the insights derived from the work of nine research centers and chairs belonging to the Faculty of Political Science and Law. Over the... >>>
The Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation was established in 1951 but disappeared under the Saddam Hussein regime. It was able to open its Baghdad Office in May 2003 and has since established branches in all of Iraq’s governorates. It is working with youth through the organization of football leagues,... >>>
The Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions is a trade union organization originally established in 1925. Although it was forced to work underground in Iraq for much of its history, including the past twenty-five years, it maintained contact with the International Labour Organization. It was able to... >>>
The Iraqi Kurdistan NGO Network (IKKN) was established in Northern Iraq in 1991. It is a network of 75 Arab and Kurdish NGOs registered in Iraqi Kurdistan (including some Arab groups which began working in Northern Iraq as exiles between the two gulf wars). IKKN work on rehabilitation,... >>>
The Iraqi Rally in Support for Families of Martyrs and Missing People is an organization of widows of the Iran-Iraq War, the regime of Saddam Hussein, The First Gulf War and the American Occupation. Although few accurate statistics are available, there is an estimate of 2.3 million widows in... >>>
The Iraqi Women’s League was originally established in 1952 but was based in Northern Iraq between 1991 and 2003. It opened its Baghdad Office after the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime and currently has about 800 members in Baghdad and an additional 400 members in other governorates. It is... >>>
The Local Development Centre is a member organisation of Cuba’s Ministry of Sciences, Technology and the Environment (CITMA). Their mission is to develop and promote research and programs dedicated to economic, social and environmental initiatives within the different municipalities of the island.... >>>
The Malaviya Centre for Peace Research (MCPR) was established in 1997 as an interdisciplinary centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Banaras Hindu University - one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in India. It consists of faculty and researchers from diverse... >>>
Montréal’s community gardens program began in 1975. There are 97 community gardens. The boroughs have managed the program since the municipal reorganization in 2002. Eighteen boroughs offer plots of land to their citizens for gardening. In some boroughs, a gardening instructor visits the garden... >>>
The Moroccan Human Rights Organization (OMDH) was founded in 1988 by a group of Moroccan professionals to address the problem of human rights violations in the kingdom. Among the goals of the organization are the promotion of knowledge about individual and collective human rights at the civil,... >>>
The National Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Iraq is a relatively new Iraqi NGO established in May 2003 which is working on human rights issues such as the “disappeared” under the Saddam Hussein regime, the location of mass graves, arrests and shootings by the US military and public... >>>
The Nenurta Group for the Arts, which was established in August 2003, is a new organisation of young artists and performers seeking to maintain a secular and social oriented culture in Iraq, in the context of growing communalism and religious intolerance. In particular, it encourages and sponsors... >>>
The Organization of Tammuz for Social Development was established under the name of Al Wafaa Association in Northern Iraq in 1997. It opened its Baghdad Office in May 2003 and currently maintains regional offices in Erbil in Northern Iraq and in Basra in Southern Iraq as well. It works on community... >>>
The Other Media was set up in 1992 to provide a broad-based platform in support of struggle-based people''''s movements in the sub-continent and issue-based campaigns at national and regional levels. The organisation’s fundamental objective is to promote values and principles such as peace,... >>>
The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) was founded in 1998 by representatives of the fishing community from coastal areas of Pakistan, NGO activists from all over Pakistan, academics and local politicians. Since its inception, the PFF has been active in awareness building campaigns, mobilization and... >>>
The Quebec City Community Loan Fund was created by business people, community associations, union organizations and social workers along with Quebec provincial government support in 1993. It was established to provide business services, training and employment services along with other community... >>>
The Tammuz Organization for Social Development was founded in 1997 in the north of Iraq under the name of Al-Wafaa Association. In May 2003, the Organization opened an office in Baghdad and it currently operates six offices across the country: in Erbil, Thy Qar, Babel, Missan, Basra et Anbar.... >>>
The Teacher Creativity Centre (TCC) is the Palestinian member of the Alternatives International Federation.  It is a Palestinian, non-profit, non-governmental organization, established in May 1995, by a group of teachers working in schools in the government, private and UNRWA schools. Since... >>>
The Western Cape Network on Violence Against Women was established as Co-ordinated Action for Battered Women (CABW) in 1989. Organisations providing services to survivors of rape and domestic violence met every month to:Share informationLearn from one anotherIdentify training needsProduce joint... >>>
The Yeoville Stakeholders Forum is the successor to the Yeoville Community Development Forum and was launched in November 2005. The Forum has 23 member organizations who meet twice a month. Yeoville’s community faces challenges such as ineffective access to government, poor service delivery, as... >>>
On May 28th, 1995, was created the Togolese Diaspora for the Democracy (DIASTODE), an external group dedicated to the promotion and defense of democracy in Togo. Objectives of the DIASTODE: Inform the Togolese Community of the evolution of the political situation in Togo;Inform the public in... >>>
The Tricontinental Centre (CETRI) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1976 and based in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). It is a centre for studies, publications, documentation and ongoing education on the development of North-South relations. CETRI's aim is to promote understanding of the... >>>
UBINIG is a research group for development alternatives, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, started Chita in 1993.UBINIG is the abbreviation of its Bengali name Unnayan Bikalper Nitinirdharoni Gobeshona. In English it means Policy Research for Development Alternatives. It is essentially a policy advocacy... >>>
The Union des groupes d'étude et d'action pour le développement de Fizi-Itombwe (UGEAFI) works toward improving living conditions for habitants of the regions of Bibokoboko, Mutambala and Minembwe through socioeconomic and cultural programs. It is involved in the development of agriculture,... >>>
Un Ponte per… is a volunteer association established in 1991, right after the Gulf War. It started its activities as Un Ponte per Baghdad with the aim of organising solidarity initiatives in favour of the Iraqi civil society that was undergoing the effects of the war first, and the embargo... >>>
The United Workers' Confederation of Honduras is a union confederation formed in Honduras in 1992 and affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation. The UWC (CUTH in French and Spanish) represents union workers, especiallly those in the service sector, public office, trade,... >>>
The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a public French-language university of international influence. The quality of its programs, its research in social issues and its innovations in the creative arts are the foundation stones of its reputation. >>>
VOICE is an activist, rights based research and advocacy organization working on issues related to corporate globalization. It critically works/campaigns on neo-liberal economic hegemony, role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs), WTO and TNCs, aid conditions, food sovereignty, media,... >>>
Alternatives is  a proud member of Voices-Voix, a coalition of Canadian organizations working together to advance participatory democracy through the promotion of free speech, active citizenship, and responsible government. The Voices-Voix coalition is open to all Canadian organizations.... >>>
Workers’ World Media Productions (WWMP) is a media organisation specialising in creating quality, accessible and relevant media to workers and their communities. It is committed to the fundamental principles of the independent labour movement and to journalistic ethics – providing non-partisan... >>>
EIP produces and diffuses learning materials with the scope of promoting, increasing knowledge of and defending human rights in the fields of formal and non-formal education. These publications are created by educational sciences, law, social sciences and arts specialists. EIP proposes analyses of... >>>
The goals of the international programs of The Ys of Québec are to inform and educate by encouraging local participation of people on international issues. As well, they develop and strengthen partnerships between local and overseas YMCAs. >>>
The Young Communist League of Cuba, founded in 1962, is the youth organization of the Communist Party of Cuba. It is made up of about 600,000 young members aged 15 to 30 years old, some volunteer and some selected. It works with over 200 NGOs worldwide, in addition to being affiliated with the... >>>
The need to institute a centre emerged from YUVA’s own analysis of the environment and its changing context, especially with liberalization, privatization and globalization. To deepen democracy, it is imperative that the state, market and civil society interact with each other in a responsible,... >>>
The mission of the LÉGER FOUNDATION is to support innovative community-based initiatives in Quebec and elsewhere to improve the well-being of vulnerable and marginalized persons, here at home and abroad. In Quebec, the LÉGER FOUNDATION works with organizations in 14 regions of the province.... >>>