AQOCI, Quebec's International Cooperation Association


Quebec’s international cooperation association, AQOCI, consists of 65 organisations working toward humane and sustainable development, in Quebec and abroad.

AQOCI’s mission is to promote and support the work of its member organisations as well as their initiatives for international solidarity. With the strength of its network, AQOCI strives to put an end to poverty and create a world based on the principles of justice, inclusion, equality and respect for human rights.


AQOCI’s mandate consists of the following:

  • support and promote the work of its member organisations with governmental authorities, policy-makers, the media and the general public
  • influence policy-makers and participate in drafting provincial and federal policies on international cooperation, development assistance strategies and international relations
  • help strengthen its member organisations by spreading information and using strategic tools as well as providing regular training sessions
  • foster cooperation and mobilization within the network by increasing opportunities for exchange among Quebec NGOs, other members of the Quebec civil society and southern partners
  • produce and publish memoirs, background analyses and positions related to Canadian and Quebec foreign policy and national and international news
  • promote, educate and increase awareness about Quebec public commitment to international solidarity