Association africaine de défense des Droits de l’Homme (DRC)

The Association africaine de défense des Droits de l’Homme is an apolitical organization promoting and defending human rights, created on January 10th of 1991 in Kinshasa by a group of lawyers, doctors and journalists. In 1998, following the government's measure of banning ASADHO over the whole territory of the Republic, it worked in secret for two years and five months.


ASADHO's mandate includes the promotion and protection of human rights.

Promotion work consists of:

  • vulgarization of international norms on human rights and humanitarian law;
  • training of citizens (population, opinion leaders, journalists, human rights activists, unionists, students ...) to human rights, democracy and good governance;
  • the maintenance of a library to facilitate research in the field of Human Rights for students, university professors, independent researchers, officials and leaders of the civil society.

Protection work consists of:

  • the monitoring on Human Rights (including investigations about alleged violations of human rights);
  • the monitoring on the exploitation of natural resources;
  • the systematic denunciation of the violations by the publication of press releases, open letters, journals and reports;
  • free legal assistance for victims of human rights violations.

Since 2003, as part of its "socio-economic rights", ASADHO monitors the activities of multinational companies that exploit natural resources (timber, oil, diamonds and minerals) in the DRC. It has produced several press releases denouncing the violations of human rights by those multinationals.