Centre Bayti (Morocco)

enfants, pauvreté, éducation, réinsertion

BAYTI, which means "my house" in Arabic, is a nongovernmental organization based in Casablanca Morocco. It was created with support from Terre des Hommes in 1994. The original mission of Bayti is working with street kids in Casablanca, and Essaouira and Kenitra (school farm). BAYTI is currently focused on preventing the exclusion of children on child protection against all forms of violence on the psychosocial rehabilitation of children, on the reintegration of families and the social and professional reintegration of children and young on children's participation in the development and implementation of life projects, and the promotion of child rights.

BAYTI activities translate into three main programs: 1) The Street Program, 2) Draft Program and Individual Life 3) The farm school. Through its programs, BAYTI provides children and young people who are accommodated in the centers the chance to access their most important rights through several activities, including psychosocial support, medical care, legal and administrative assistance for children and their families, as well as an education and vocational training.