Centre for Media Alternatives – Quebec

Quebec's Centre for Media Alternative is a physical meeting point and a virtual platform for independent and alternative information.

By forging a partnership network with other local and national media organisations which, just like us, think information should be freed from the mass media’s rigid models, CMAQ wishes to consolidate and enlarge the scope of the independent media community in Quebec. Further, CMAQ is open and eager for any kind of services exchanges with independent journalists from here and elsewhere.

CMAQ is also trying, through a team of dedicated volunteers, to guarantee dynamic coverage of local events on current social issues. Eventually, CMAQ would like to better organise this latter function by putting together a collectively managed pool of volunteers and an assignment calendar.

Essentially, CMAQ wishes to be as much a meeting place for the activist community to exchange and evolve as an outlet for citizens who want to reach their contemporaries and who, otherwise, have limited means to make their voices heard.