The Indonesian Society for Social Transformation (Indonesia)

Indonesian Society for Social Transformation (INSIST) - Indonesia

INSIST goal is to eliminate all types and forms of injustice by promoting empowerment of groups that have, to this point, been placed in weak, marginalised positions. They must be empowered to become active, critical actors in all processes of social transformation, moving towards the realisation of more just economic, political, and cultural systems, so that they can make a greater contribution to the advancement of civilization and humanity overall.

 In realizing these goals, social transformation must be achieved through systematic efforts in various areas at both the micro and macro levels. These goals can only become reality if they have a foundation in the following basic values:


  • Pluralism: the belief that difference and diversity are a strength.
  • Non-discrimination: attitudes and behaviors that do not differentiate among people based on any kind of preference.
  • Human rights: recognizing, prioritizing, and working to implement all of the basic and natural rights of every person, as have been agreed to by the people of the world.
  • Democracy: recognizing, prioritizing, and constantly working to implement all principles of participation, transparency, and accountability.
  • Loyalty and equality: working to build relationships and cooperation with all parties based on shared concern and equal position.
  • Social equality of gender: working to realize justice in gender relations, both in our own circle and in the larger community.
  • Sustainability of resources and the environment: working to achieve balance and preservation of resources and the environment around us.
  • Local wisdom: honoring and working to develop local community systems of knowledge and institutions that have been shown to be in accordance with and support all the values above.