Moro Human Rights Center (Philippines)

The Moro Human Rights Center (MHRC) is a non-governmental organization that pioneers human rights work for the Moro people. It was established on November 20th 1987 to extend services and support through its programs: Research and Documentation, Advocacy and Campaigns, Relief and Rehabilitation, and Trainings, Education and Organizing. Through its programs, the MHRC plays its role in the protection and promotion of the Moro people’s human rights.


A society wherein the Moro, Lumad and Filipino people co-exist peacefully and equitably, regardless of gender, race, religion, political orientation and realizing total human development in full harmony with nature.


  • To foster unity cooperation and mutual respect between and among the Moro, Lumad and Filipino people in promoting human rights;
  • To facilitate in the establishment and development of a Moro Human Rights Movement as a contribution to the realization of the Moro people’s right to self-determination;
  • To facilitate the development of a progressive human rights movement that will promote the Moro people’s human rights;
  • To lobby for policy proposal on the ancestral land claim of the Moro people;
  • To work for the realization of a Moro people’s declaration of human rights;
  • To respond to the needs of all Moro victims of human rights violation and continuously monitor the Moro human rights situation;
  • To establish and strengthen concrete project on Moro women and children internal refugees and eventually work for the establishment of a separate program for them.