The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (Pakistan)

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) - Pakistan

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) was founded in 1998 by representatives of the fishing community from coastal areas of Pakistan, NGO activists from all over Pakistan, academics and local politicians. Since its inception, the PFF has been active in awareness building campaigns, mobilization and organization of communities with the aim of protection and sustainable management of the fisheries and other community livelihood activities. Its concrete activities include advocacy, participatory research, information dissemination and participatory community development programs.

The mission of PFF is to mobilize and empower the fishing community in a sustainable manner so they can become self reliant. It aims to empower them within a framework of equality and gender balance so they can themselves protect their fishing and other livelihood rights.
The objectives of the PFF include:

• To mobilize and organize the fisherfolk communities to protect their livelihood and its resources on Pakistan’s coast, rivers, reservoirs and ponds
• To strengthen organizational and management capacities and skills of the local CBOs of fishing communities, in addition to strengthening PFF local Units in the villages and towns of Pakistan
• To struggle for the restoration and protection of human rights of the fisherfolk community of Pakistan including the right to sustainable livelihoods, basic social services, right to life and security, and social and political participation
• To work towards minimizing disaster risks faced by the coastal populations, rehabilitation and participatory disaster mitigation and management activities in disaster prone areas
• To work for the vulnerable sections of the fisherfolk community, especially women and children on issues such as education, health and reproductive health

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