Réseau des Radios Libres et des Clubs Kayira (Mali)

Réseau des Radios Libres et des Clubs Kayira

Le Réseau des radios libres is an organization regrouping 9 community radio stations (1 in Bamako, 8 in rural areas). Around those community radios were created the Clubs Kayira which are constituted of women’s groups, organizations helping people with disabilities o or organizations of villagers.

The "Réseau des Radios Libres et des Clubs Kayira" is a democratic watch dog organisation, its mandate is to raise awareness and undertake popular education on: 

  • local, national and international news, reported impartially and independently 
  • helping bring together large numbers of citizens to undertake civic education trainings to found the basis of participatory democracy 
  • take an active part in informing the public health, hygiene and environmental issues 
  • give a voice to associations and all citizens who otherwise have no forum in which to express themselves 
  • combat the dissemination of ideas and principles founded on intolerance, racism, exclusion and xenophobia 
  • opening the radio station to a diversity of cultural expression (artist presentations and musical presentations, theater and cinema) from Mali and elsewhere.