Safa Chebbi, Vice-President

Safa Chebbi is a Master's student in Sociology at UQAM. She has been involved for several years in cases aimed at social justice, with a particular interest in the fight against racism from a decolonial perspective. She is a co-founder member of the Table de Concertation contre le Racisme Systémique and co-coordinator of the independent consultation commission on systemic racism in Quebec.

Marie-Josée Béliveau, Administrator

Marie-Josée Béliveau is an ethnogeographer, an ecologist and a lecturer. For more than 15 years, she has been involved in environmental struggles, Indigenous rights and human rights. She worked in Latin America, notably with the Bolivian landless workers movement and was the Chair of the Latin American Human Rights Committee (CDHAL). She later became involved against the tar sands industry and the transportation of bitumen and co-founded the Peoples' Walk for Mother Earth, the “Coule Pas Chez-Nous” Foundation and the Women's Wall Collective against pipelines and tar sands.

Jen Gobby, Administrator

Jen Gobby is a PhD student at McGill University. She studies the reach of systemic social change and works in close collaboration with people from the climate justice movement, the Indigenous land protection movement, and anti-pipeline movements in Canada to promote change. She is also an activist and organizer for Climate Justice Montreal. Before coming to academia and moving to Montreal, Jen built eco-homes with a collective called the MudGirls, taught sustainability, and lived on an off-grid island in British Columbia.

Alvaro Vargas, Administrator

Alvaro Vargas has been socially active since his first years in university where he was involved in defending student rights and fighting against neoliberalism. This led him to get involved with the Accompaniment Québec - Guatemala Project and, later, with Alternatives. He was a staff member of Alternatives for several years, a position which allowed him to contribute to the mobilization and social education of Quebec youth on challenges such as the FTAA, the activation of an anti-war movement and the World Social Forum.

José Bolívar, Administrator

José Bolívar has a law degree and specializes in human rights. He has a master's degree in international peace studies, conflict and development (Universitat Jaume I, Spain). He was a university professor and he has fourteen years of experience working with international cooperation agencies, NGOs and various Colombian governmental bodies. During all these years, he has worked to defend and protect human rights and to build peace in Colombia.

Pierre-Luc Bouchard, Member of the Executive Council, Treasurer

Pierre-Luc Bouchard is a lawyer working in the community sector, specifically with immigrants and refugees. He runs a legal aid clinic for refugees with the Refugee Center, a student organization at Concordia University. Mr. Bouchard mainly represents people in precarious situations in order to defend their rights. He hopes to work with Alternatives on mobilization projects to increase membership and to contribute to various projects already in progress.

Danielle Coenga, Administrator

Danielle Coenga is a socially engaged feminist researcher. As a researcher consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP - Brazil) and for human rights NGOs, she has always worked to promote gender equality, to fight homophobia and to protect human rights. Today, Danielle is doctoral candidate in political science and feminist studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal. As part of her doctoral thesis, she will focus on gender equality in United Nations programs.

Donald Cuccioletta, Chair

Donald Cuccioletta is a professor of history at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Keen observer of American society, he is a member of UQAM’s Observatory on the United States.

Krystyna Slawecki, Member of the Executive Council, Secretary

Krystyna Slawecki is a Coordinator for Frontier College, a national literacy organization which operates in the urban centers as well as in collaboration with Aboriginal communities. Via volunteer mobilization and partnerships with community organizations, Krystyna works toward skills development by elaborating projects that respond to the needs of the community and supports sustainable capacity-building.

Hamouda Soubhi, Alternatives International Representative

Hamouda Soubhi is the Executive Director of the Moroccan Network for Euro-Mediterranean NGOs.  He is both a co-founder of Alternatives in Montréal and of the Forum des alternatives Sud in Morocco.  He sits on the Governance Council of Alternatives International and plays an essential role within the Liaison Committee of the International Council of the World Social Forum. He is Alternatives International's representative on the Alternatives Board.


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