Human Dignity

Mali: Social & Marginal Economy

Alternatives worked to reduce extreme poverty of women and those with disabilities in the disadvantaged communities of Bamako (urban) and Segou (rural). Thanks to these programs, 1200 people - 75% of whom were women, received a literacy, mathematis and business training base, enabling them to step learn other more developed skills such as marketing and administration.

We also re-enforced economic connections between local producers, sellers and buyers.



South Africa: Urban Agriculture

We worked with the Yeoville Stakeholders Forum, regrouping 23 member organizations that were brought together twice every month. The forum encouraged the creation of community frameworks within organizations and was recently involved in the creation of an urban agriculture project.  

Venezuela: Employment Integration

We have worked with Equipo de Formacion, Informacion y Publicaciones to increase training in employment integration that emphasizes citizen education and community development.

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; (514) 982-6606 x2229

Haiti: Food Security

In Haiti, 56% of the population lives below the line of absolute poverty. Extreme regional deforestation makes it difficult to be sustainable and prosperous in agriculture. The absence of agricultural funding programs, increasing cost of agricultural inputs and the competition of imported products has deteriorated the living conditions of small-scale agricultural producers in Haiti.

We worked to initiate a food security program where:

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; (514) 982-6606 x2229

Cuba: Food Security

Cuba is often subjected to droughts that threaten food security, impede on crop production and render Cubans dependent on expensive and worn-down irrigation systems that are only accessible with North American currencies.

We worked with the Local Development Center (CEDEL) to fight against poverty and put in place food security initiatives in the municipality of Fomento and Jatibonico (province of Sancti Spiritus) where Alternatives:

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; (514) 982-6606 x2229

Brazil: Economic Solidarity Network

Alternatives worked with the Brazilian Association of Economic Solidarity to create a national network amongst small producers, cooperatives and consumers of local and artisanal goods to encourage economic solidarity in the commercialization process of these goods.

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; 514 982 6606 x2229

Brazil: Social Ecology Virtual School

Alternatives worked with “Instituto Terrazul” to establish the world’s first virtual school of social ecology. We offered training courses in social ecology and sustainable development, and we educated members of different social and civil organizations—associations, unions, national federations, research centres and others.

Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano ; 514 982 6606 x2229

Argentina: A Web portal for social economy in Argentina

Within the framework of the Argentine Solidarity project, Alternatives and the Institute of research and training in public administration at the University of Cordoba have developed a web portal for social economy in Argentina.
2006 - 2008
Contact Person & Details: 
Marcela Escribano, Programme Amérique Latine & Caraïbes :  +1 514 982 6606 x2229

France: Supporting Civil Society

We work in collaboration with the French network, Initiatives Pour un Autre Monde (IPAM), which is made of organizations committed to international solidarity, uniting their efforts and support of social movements by promoting a more globally-minded outlook.

Israel: Information Dissemination

We believe that the people of Israel and Palestine deserve to live in peace.

We work in collaboration with our partner, the Alternative Information Center (AIC), an Israeli-Palestinian organization whose main goal is to disseminate information, research, and political analyses of Palestinian and Israeli societies and the conflict they are facing.  The activities and publications of the AIC allow it to offer the necessary space and tools to bring together two peoples in conflict.

Contact Person & Details: 
Catherine Pappas ; (514) 982-6606 x2236
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