Human Dignity

Palestine: Education on Democracy

We support our partner the Teacher Creativity Centre (TCC), which is an NGO whose main objective is to eliminate violence in school and support education in the protection of human rights.  The TCC spearheaded the integration of civic and human rights education in schools, not only in Palestine, but across the Arab world

Contact Person & Details: 
Catherine Pappas ; (514) 982-6606 x2236

India: Education on Democracy

Our partner, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS), or the Indian Organization for Education and Science, is an organization working for integration and national independence.  It promotes participatory democracy and believes that education and popular participation guarantees social changes founded in justice, equality, and cooperation.

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Contact Person & Details: 
Feroz Mehdi ; (514) 982-6606 x2247

Indonesia: Economic and Environmental Solidarity

We supported local partners and farmers in their efforts at environmental management in the regions of Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua New Guinea.  This included among other things:

  • Organizing seminars to reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Surveying the land to provide recommendations to improve irrigation and promote natural fertilizers that could help the farmers preserve the quality of the soil and continue to have abundant harvests.


Contact Person & Details: 
Feroz Mehdi ; (514) 982-6606 x2247

Napal: Internet Services

The South-Asian Center for Human Rights in Katmandu (SAFHR) did not have a website.  SAFHR organizes training workshops on human rights across South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal).

We sent an intern to SAFHR to create a website ( and show them how to make their own.  (This was part of our Surfing the World program: interns trained for 3 months in Montreal in website design and were then sent to developing countries to create websites for local NGOs.)

Contact Person & Details: 
Feroz Mehdi ; (514) 982-6606 x2247

Pakistan: Green Economic Solidarity

Alternatives supports the organization Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF).  This partnership aims to promote a focus on environmental problems and to reinforce the rights of those who fish in the Indus river delta.  More specifically, their actions aim to:

  • Establish a water-management policy for the region
  • Raise awareness among local authorities, organize seminars with elected officials and local groups, and spearhead mobilization campaigns
Contact Person & Details: 
Feroz Mehdi ; (514) 982-6606 x2247

Palestine: World Education Forum

The World Education Forum (WEF) to be held October 28 – 31 in Palestine, as part of the World Social Forum, will shed light on pressing social and educational issues and challenges of people struggling for peace and social justice around the world and more specifically in Palestine.

Contact Person & Details: 
Feroz Mehdi ; 514 982 6606 #2247
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