With our international partners, Alternatives has created the Alternatives International Federation, uniting non-profit organizations from Brazil, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, Niger, Morocco, India and France. Together, we are better positioned to respond to growing social challenges.

The Alternatives Internatinal Federation brings together social and political movements struggling against neoliberalism, imperialism, social injustice and war.

AlterInter is building solidarity between social movements at the local, national and international level. The approach is both concrete (action-oriented) and intellectual (creating new paradigms). Neoliberalism is currently the dominant form of capitalism, against which several social movements have fought over the years under the banner of «socialism». However that banner has been partially destroyed with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and social movements all over the world are struggling to develop new alternatives.

The members of Alternatives International are together for three main reasons:

  1. The necessity to struggle at the local and international level in a coordinated fashion
  2. The necessity to increase our participation in the debate over «alternatives», especially within the context of the World Social Forum
  3. The necessity to help ourselves to assure our long-term political and financial viability.


Members of Alternatives International (AlterInter) are:

For more infornation, see the Alternatives International Web Site.