Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alternatives?

Alternatives is a Quebec-based international solidarity organization, founded in 1994 in Montreal. We are the Canadian member of the 8-member Alternatives International federation, which also includes: Alternatives Paris (IPAM); Alternatives Morocco (FMAS); Alternatives Jersualem (AIC); Alternatives Niger (Espace Citoyen); Alternatives Asia (based in New Delhi); Alternatives Johannesburg (Khanya College); Alternatives Palestine (Teacher Creativity Center) and Alternatives Brazil (Alternatives Institute Terrazul).

 What is your mission?

Our mission is to create a world where international solidarity, environmental rights, democratic rights and human dignity are universally respected. To learn more about our mission, history and successes, please see our About page.

 How do you achieve your objectives?

  1. Projects: We implement sustainable development projects in collaboration with local partners in more than 30 countries including Canada. These projects aim to grant autonomy and self-sufficiency to communities and organizations that work to promote climate justice, struggle for democracy and/or defend human dignity. Most of our funds and efforts go directly towards these projects. For more information, please see our Projects page.

  2. Interns: We train interns in Montreal to work on international solidarity and development projects related to the environment, democracy and the promotion of human dignity. We also send these interns overseas to work with our local partners. We train around 30 interns per year, and we have sent over 1,000 interns abroad since 1994. For more information, please see our Internships page.

  3. Education: We inform Quebeckers and Canadians about how they can act in solidarity with citizens and social movements to achieve climate justice and participatory democracy and to defend human dignity, both here and around the world. For information, please see our Events and our Campaigns pages. 

How can I help?

There are many ways to act in solidarity with us and help make a better world. You can:

How do you spend your money?

Most of our funds go to our development projects overseas. Some of it also goes to our public awareness campaigns here in Quebec and Canada, as well as to salaries and operating costs within the organization. Our overseas internships are funded mostly by the government of Quebec. Our internships in Montreal are not remunerated. The members of our Board of Directors are all volunteers. For details on our expenditures, see our Reports page.

Note: For specific FAQs about our overseas Internships, please visit our Internships FAQ Page.

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