Job Opportunity in Tunis (Technical Coordinator of the Centre for Cybersecurity)

Employment Opportunity

Alternatives – Tunis

D.S.S. 216



Position : Technical coordinator of the Centre for Cybersecurity D.S.S 216

In 2014 ALTERNATIVES opened a new centre for cybersecurity in Tunis to serve the entire Maghreb/Mashrek region. We are looking for a technical coordinator. The Centre for  Cybersecurity D.S.S. 216 will provide continuous training in addition to being a resource hub for activists, human rights defenders and independent media. 


  • Maintain an internal network running Windows and Linux;
  • Maintain an online infrastructure by email, Web hosting, safeguards, VPN, proxy servers, file-sharing, instant messaging, etc; 
  • Offer technical support onsite and online, including software configuration and advice on cybersecurity;
  • Maintain a workshop with tools for maintenance of PCs and external laptop;
  • Maintain a CMS of basic knowledge for cybersecurity programmers and ensure technical expertise and regular training; 
  • Keep up to date in terms of cybersecurity; 
  • Highlight the best practices and tools for cybersecurity; 

Experience :

Significant and successful experience in the network management field for at least 5 years. 

Position Requirements

  • Knowledge and understanding of operating systems (Windows, Mac and Debian) ;
  • Work experience and knowledge of the principles of open-source software and tools;
  • Experience in the management and deployment of servers and Linux web services;
  • Experience in the management and configuration of CMS;
  • Basic competance in equipment maintenance;
  • A patient and understanding nature in personal interactions with technologically-inexperienced personnel and clients; 
  • An innovative and constructive approach to implementing new tools and methodologies; 
    Linguistic requirements: Arabic and French. English an asset. 


Start date: April 2014

Duration : 2 ans


Send a letter of intent and a CV by email to BEFORE March 22nd!