PAID INTERNSHIP: Adjunct to Québec sans frontières program: social and environmental justice

Internship Opportunity

Length of internship : 35 weeks (30 hours/week), from September 15th, 2013 to May 17th, 2014

Work conditions : Paid internship


Mandate :

The OCI intern will have the dual mandate to:

-           Provide support to the QSF internship coordination done by Alternatives (overall strategy, targeted public, reciprocity.)

-           Create links between the QSF and educational activities for international solidarity given by Alternatives.


Required Skills:

- Previous experience with a QSF program

- Age 18 to 35

- Show autonomy, leadership, initiative and a good organizational sense

- Comfortable working in groups

- Excellent oral and written French

- Show a marked interest in international solidarity and social justice


Preferred :

- A good understanding of Alternatives' work and mandate

- Skilled Spanish and English (spoken and written)

- Experience and interest in mobilization work and education on international solidarity

- An interest in the countries where QSF programs are located (depending on the selected project : Honduras, Haiti, Cameroon or Ecuador)


Deadline for applications : 2013-08-23

Contact : Marcela Escribano, QSF program coordinator