Strategic Communications Officer with the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES)

Internship Opportunity

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Host organisation: Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES)

FTDES is a non-governmental, neutral organization, independent of any political party and religious institution. It was created in 2011 to defend the economic and social rights at the national and international levels.


Work with the Communications Officer to strengthen the organization's communications strategy (internet and social media) (in French):

  • Participate in the development of the logic model and the performance measurement framework (PMF).
  • Contribute to strategic thinking to strengthen the presence of the organization and the various regional offices on social media and the web.
  • Help develop a daily and weekly work plan to ensure that content is uploaded according to agreed timelines.
  • Increase the organization's presence in digital and social media.
  • Manage social network calendars.
  • Establish a special relationship with the target audience by creating content and initiating dialogue on existing and emerging platforms.
  • Participate in the creation of engaging and diversified French content.
  • Research, write, review, present and promote news that is relevant to FTDES’ work.
  • Maximize the impact of social media content by making it visually appealing in order to increase viral traffic.
  • Respond to the FTDES’ target audience.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key members of the targeted communities.
  • Produce podcasts as needed.
  • Evaluate and document the work.

Other prerequisites: All trainees must complete the training program before their stay abroad. Alternatives will cover the travel and accommodation costs of interns living outside of the Montreal area.

Length of stay abroad: 6 months

Pre-departure training: July 2019

Expected date of departure: August 2019


To be eligible for the International Youth Internship Program (IYIP), the candidate must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have a post-secondary diploma and have obtained a degree or diploma from a university, college, post-secondary technology school, post-secondary institute or CEGEP (general education college and professional in Quebec);
  • Be between the ages of 19 to 30 when the final selection is made (when the contracts between the trainee and Alternatives are signed);
  • Have never participated in the IYIP.


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