Angola: Dikuatekessu Project


With the Angolan civil war, many citizens were forced to abandon their homes and possessions to escape the fighting. In 1999, nearly 1,975 families, nearly 8,100 refugees were facing problems of hunger, poverty and general insecurity in the town of Lombe at 22 km from the city of Malange in Angola.


It is for providing assistance to these populations that Alternatives, in collaboration with ADRA, has prepared the draft Dikuatekessu (word meaning solidarity in Kimbundo language) which was to establish a camp for emergency access to essential services and improve the social and productive of displaced populations.


  • The identification and construction of housing for 1975 families and the distribution of 12 tons of used clothing;
  • The distribution of nearly 100,000 tons of food staples, 11,684 tonnes of kitchen tools and building a community kitchen;
  • The revival of agricultural production and distribution of agricultural tools;
  • Access to potable water by the construction or rehabilitation of wells;
  • Stabilization of sanitary and hygienic conditions of the basic construction of communal latrines, distribution of soap and immunization;
  • Involving young people in school and extracurricular activities through school construction and distribution of school materials;
  • Initiation of activities to promote the role of women in decision-making body and strengthening the concept of partnership within communities.


1999 - 2000
Contact Person & Details: 
For more information : Michel Lambert, 514 982 6606
Lombe, MAL