Burundi : Reconstruction et Rehabilitation


Classified among the poorest nations of the world for several years now, since 1993 Burundi has faced an armed conflict that has severely affected all sectors of society. Other unfavourable factors have contributed to the despairs of poverty, including movement of refugees, recurring droughts and a severe malaria epidemic.


Alternatives and its partners have developed a rehabilitation project in the provinces of Kayanza, Muramvya, Bururi and Bujumbura.

The overall objective is to restore the social infrastructures of these provinces, in the general context of creating a climate of peaceful coexistence among ethnic groups, viable in the long-term.

Two elementary schools will be renovated so that the children of returnees or displaced persons can have access to education. Two health centres will also be upgraded through equipment and renovations.

Improved access to drinkable water will be achieved through the installation of 60 water sources.

The water sources will be available to 3,000 households, solving the problem of women and children having to walk long distances in search of drinking water. The search for water has negative affects on households as it drastically reduces working hours.


  • Renovate the schools
  • Improve health centre services
  • Improve the general health of the population by educating about the risks and dangers of AIDS
  • Improve public health
  • Improve access to drinkable water
  • Improve conditions in schools and increase the country’s literacy rates
  • Improve living conditions for women and households through microcredit
  • Improve housing conditions for returnees and displaced persons and their families