Canada Boat to Gaza

 Support a Canadian boat to Gaza

Many people and civil society organizations in Canada and Quebec are
opposed to the blockade of Gaza imposed by the government of Israel and
the unconditional support extended to Israel by the government of
Canada. People want to demonstrate their opposition to such a situation.

It is in this background that the initiative to sail a Canadian boat
in coordination with other similar international initiatives came into
being. The boat will carry humanitarian aid for the Palestinians in

Rigorous fundraising need to be undertaken to make this initiative a
success. Alternatives International would be supporting
this project by providing its administrative and financial management
skills. All the funds raised in this campaign will be exclusively used
on this project.

Not being a "charity" as per the Canadian law, Alternatives International will not issue any tax deductible receipts for the money donated.

In order to support a Canadian boat to Gaza please make an online donation now with Paypal.

Or send a cheque to Alternatives Internationales at 3720 Avenue du
parc #300 Montréal, Québec H2X 2J1 and indicate "Canada Boat to Gaza" as
a reference

2010 - 2011