Canada : project Échos d’Afrique

Project led by the Centre d’information et de documentation sur le Mozambique et l’Afrique Australe (CIDMAA) in collaboration with Partnership Africa Canada (PAC), Safari Maison Interculturelle and Radio Centre-Ville (102.3 FM).


Context and Objectives

Despite the phenomenal development of communication channels, which "connects" more closely the human communities, social barriers and mistrust between them persist. The largely unequal distribution of wealth on the planet remains scandalous. Africa is abandoned to itself, while much of its population still live in squalor and poverty.

It is with a sensitivity to this observation that the CIDMAA has put forward the Project Échos d’Afrique, organized around two main areas: awareness and education (information) of the Canadian public. The objectives were:

  • to inform the Canadian public about the endogenous and exogenous realities related to development in Africa;
  • to inform objectively Canadians about the efforts in both Africa and Canada for Africa's Development;
  • to generate interest and participation of social groups and people in solidarity with developing countries in Africa;
  • to analyze the human rights situation in African countries where political institutions do not allow sufficient participation and active involvement of all citizens;
  • to provide a better understanding of the problems of developing countries in Africa.

To do this, the project permitted:

  • the production and dissemination of a series of weekly radio programs on Africa;
  • the production and broadcast of a weekly newsletter about Africa.



The entire process of production process of radio and newsletters has involved thirty people at one level or another. The various community radio stations involved have responded very favorably over the program. Many resource peoples, Canadian, African and European, were interviewed during the radio programs. Particular attention was paid toward the selection of these people to ensure a significant representation of women and cultural communities in the radio programs. Several bulletins have written about them was taken over by large French media, which has increased their reach.

The radio programs were broadcast from August 4th, 1992, to August 10th, 1993, every Friday (from 16h to 17h) on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3 FM) in Montreal, and then rebroadcasted by eight other community radio stations in Quebec and New Brunswick. These programs approached topics such as development, health and democratization in Africa.

The project also included an intercultural component which objective was to strengthen ties between African and Quebec communities and to combat racial prejudices. Several programs and panel discussions took place on different platforms and addressed issues such as racism and the integration of Africans in Quebec.

Finally, weekly newletters were widely distributed in various francophone medias, including La Presse, Le Devoir and Le Soleil.

1992 - 1993