DRC: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development and good governance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Information and communication have a decisive impact on development. In March 2003, Alternatives launched an Internet portal for Congo’s civil society that offered over 400 local Congolese organisations greater dynamicism and visibility.

In 2005, we organised a series of events with technology and communications accessibility as the theme. The culmination of this process was the establishment of a concerted project called the Multi-sector Dynamic on Information and Communication Technologies (Dynamique multisectorielle sur les TIC) Our 2006-09 program consists of 3 components:

1) A study on Internet infrastructure in the DRC This study allowed us to look into the feasibility of establishing a nationwide Internet backbone in the DRC. The recommendations included technical strategies for the development of the infrastructure, as well as managing the infrastructure with Open Access and emphasising the need for affordable bandwidth.

The goal is to improve access to ICTs and, in turn, promote social and economic development.

2) Establishing ICT development policies With our partner, the Dynamique multisectorielle sur les TIC (DMTIC), this component aimed to put into place development policies for TIC in the DRC. It focused on improving connectivity through investment in infrastructure and training for Congolese citizens. It will also help to directly involve the DRC government in the proceedings of the Sommet Mondial de la Société de l’Information (SMSI) in its attempts to meet the Milleneum Development Goals.

3) An advocacy campaign for the development of ICTs in the DRC Working again with the DMTIC, and with the collaboration of the Association for Progressive Communications , we are developing an advocacy campaign for the development of TIC in the DRC directed at the DRC government, the Congolese private sector, and civil society (academia, the media, NGOs, etc). 

2003 - 2009
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Michel Lambert #2001
Congo (Kinshasa)