DRC: Relaunch of construction with brick Adobe

As part of a project aimed at rehabilitation of the disabled people in Limete (Kinshasa), Alternatives has recently undertaken (May 2003) a pilot project aimed at using promouvir Appropriate building technologies at lower costs. Adobe bricks (made ​​of clay) is actually cheaper to produce, but more importantly, it has undeniable qualities in terms of its climate resilience.

The Centre houses over 250 disabled children and their spouses (350 others). This project that will essentially reallocate sanitation center, to rehabilitate the natural environment of life, improve hygiene and health of the inhabitants of Central and finally to propose a study of appropriate sanitation facilities, incorporating Adobe brick, which may eventually be taken up and replicated elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the project will improve power system and potable water on site.



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Congo (Kinshasa)