Morocco : Hydroponic project

In collaboration with the Association of Teachers of Life Science and Earth (ATLSE).


Following the successful experience of Alternatives Canada in the hydroponic development of cultivation in Asia and Latin America, to meet the food needs of the poorest urban populations and provide them at the same time an alternative economic activity, a project was initiated in North Africa between Canada and the ATLSE as REMED representative. The project began in December with two clubs: Club High School Hassan II in Rabat and the Cub Helios of the Faculty of Sciences Ben M'sik at the University Hassan II in Casablancas.

Phase I: Installation of a test garden
• Manufacture of wooden beds and tires for testing;
• Analysis of existing chemical elements in water from taps to establish the necessary dosage;
• Trying different types of substrates (sawyer, conifer, gravel, shell wheat) to select the most appropriate ones;
• Planting of lettuce and its follow-up to harvest using nutrients from Mexico.

Duration: January to May

Phase II: diversification of species planted and use of local nutrient
• Increased number of basins plantations;
• Search of local nutrients;
• Diversification of species planted to include cucumbers and tomatoes.

The lettuce produced was sold to teachers and faculty members of ATLSE. The experience has been the subject of several exhibitions. The directeor of the University Hassan II granted financial assistance in the form of a donation of 5000.00 dh for a new room reserved for the club by the Dean. The club had a booth of the ATLSE representing all the region in the second World Youth Congress held in Casablancas. The project was presented to over 1000 youth representatives of 164 countries. It is interesting to note that the King of Morocco and Mr. Kofi Anan were present.

2002 - 2003