Supporting Women Journalists, Citizen Journalists and Human Rights Defenders

In the Maghreb and Mashrek region, women journalists and citizen reporters play an important role in advancing human rights, particularly the rights of women, girls and other marginalized populations.  Because of the nature of the issues they are addressing, and simply because of being women, they face daily threats to their safety and wellbeing.

In Sudan, for exemple, some women are subjected to sexual violence, intimidation and other forms of abuse to silence and tarnish their reputations.  In Palestine, they must leaarn to work under military occupation and violence.  In Iraq, the rise of Daesh poses serious threats to their security and that of their loved ones.  These women also lack the means, skills and knowledge to carry out their work effectively ans safety.

This new initiative will provide women journalists, citizen journalists and other women human rights defenders with training that meets their needs, financial resources, and access to support networks.  In addition to providing them with technical and financial support, the initiative will seek to mobilize greater support for the defense of freedom of expression in the region.

In addition to providing support to the partners organizations, the project will also support individual citizens other than those from the partner organizations, with a special funding facility.  These funds aim to enhance access of women journalists, citizen journalists and other women human rights defenders to tools and services that will help them to use the media more effectively and safely for achieving their goals.


I support the work of Alternatives on violence against women journalists

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Feroz Mehdi