About Our Projects

Alternatives undertakes projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia.

It supports the initiatives of social movements striving for the respect of their economic, social, political, and environmental rights. It assists individuals and communities living in poverty, discrimination, exploitation, and violence.

Above all, Alternatives supports the networking of such individuals, communities and social movements, because networking is primordial in allowing a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the essence of the problems at hand, and of their often foreign origin.

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Officially launched by Alternatives in Kinshasa in March 2003, the Civil Society Internet Portal in DRC remains today the virtual meeting place for Congolese civil...>>>
In collaboration with Alternatives International (Morocco) and other members of Alternatives International, Alternatives is supporting the establishment of the Web...>>>
In many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as elsewhere in the world, monitoring email and internet activity, content filtering, cyber attacks...>>>
For immigrants and newcomers to Québec!Alternatives offers employment assistance services to immigrants and newcomers of all origins. The objective of these...>>>
DESCRIPTION :A first phase targeting Nicaragua, El Salvador and GuatemalaIn 2014, Alternatives and its partners, the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN),...>>>
In the Maghreb and Mashrek region, women journalists and citizen reporters play an important role in advancing human rights, particularly the rights of women, girls...>>>
In Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, the combination of a degraded economic situation and powerful demographic pressure has contributed to a breakdown of urban...>>>